Ten Years at Xiecheng 4 | Climbing with Unlimited Possibilities, Overcoming Challenges in a Decade

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Today is a special day as our colleague Alph Lee from Xiecheng International Sales Department officially celebrates his 10th anniversary of joining the company!


Ten years is a considerable span of time. Over the past decade, Alph Lee has witnessed the growth and expansion of Xiecheng while laying a solid foundation for his own career. As a foreign trade salesman, he not only mastered the foreign trade business process but also won the trust and praise of customers with his dedication, professionalism, and outstanding business capabilities.

xiecheng machinery10 years

Looking back over these ten years, Alph Lee has climbed steadily, demonstrating his talent and strength in business abilities, interpersonal communication, and teamwork. With his exceptional capabilities, he has emerged from intense market competition and become an indispensable member of Xiecheng Machinery. As a member of the team, he has always adhered to the concept of professionalism, innovation, and service, continuously improving himself to better serve customers.

Xiecheng Alph

Ten years have witnessed Alph's growth and Xiecheng's development. In the future, Alph will continue to leverage his professional expertise and strength to make more contributions to the company's business development. We believe that with Alph's joint efforts, Xiecheng's future will undoubtedly be brighter!

Finally, we once again congratulate Li Pan on his 10th anniversary and hope that he will continue to climb higher, farther, and steadier on his career path in the days to come!


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