Jiangmen City Xiecheng Machinery Co., Ltd., together with Jiangmen City Charity Association and Jiangmen E-commerce Industry Association, initiated the charity donation activity of Jiangmen City Charity Association E-commerce Wuyi Green Bud Fund-“Public Welfare Baby”. Through joint charity association of Jiangmen City and Jiangmen E-Commerce Industry Association, various charity and charity activities such as aid for the poor, education, disability, medical assistance, emergency assistance, etc., are carried out to drive more social love to pay attention to and help the vulnerable groups And funding, in order to promote the development of charity in Jiangmen Overseas Chinese Township, and to promote the civilization, harmony and progress of society, contribute a part of the power.

Our company independently develops, produces and sells high-efficiency energy-saving dryers, environmentally friendly chillers, color masterbatch and centralized silent crusher. A total of four products participate in this “public welfare baby” charity donation activity. Jiangmen City Xiecheng Machinery Co., Ltd. promised to donate RMB 20 to the Wumen Green Bud Fund, a charity organization account of Jiangmen City Charity Association for every successful sale of more than one product.
Among them, while promoting our high-efficiency energy-saving dryers and environmentally friendly chillers and other public welfare products, we also vigorously promote energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection concepts, enhance users’ energy-saving and environmental protection awareness, and work together to build our beautiful social ecological environment.

Jiangmen City E-commerce Wuyi Green Bud Fund “Public Welfare Baby” program awarding ceremony, Jiangmen City E-commerce Industry Association awarded our company E-commerce Wuyi Green Bud Fund “Public Wealth Baby” plaque. In the future, every public welfare product sold by our company will be pasted with the “public welfare baby” logo and public welfare baby information, so as to promote and encourage the social caring people to participate in public welfare undertakings together.

Persevere in growing in society, rewarding society in growth, continue to promote social welfare undertakings, and strive to become an important force on the road to a better future. Carrying into machinery will continue to create beautiful values for society and cities with constant enterprise ingenuity and social responsibility.