A delegation led by Mr. Fu An, Executive Chairman of the Guangdong Plastic Industry Association, visited Xiecheng for a tour and exchange.

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On May 17th, Mr. Fu An, the Executive Chairman of the Guangdong Plastic Industry Association, visited Xiecheng along with a delegation for a tour and exchange. Secretary General Cai Hengzhi of the Technical Committee for Group Standardization of the Guangdong Plastic Association, Director Xun Shanglun of the Energy-saving Service Center of the Guangdong Plastic Association, and Deputy Secretary General Yang Huimin of the Guangdong Plastic Association accompanied the visit. The purpose of this visit was to gain in-depth understanding of Xiecheng's development and technological innovation, and engage in in-depth discussions regarding the future development direction of the industry. This exchange activity injected new momentum into Xiecheng and strengthened cooperation and communication among enterprises in the industry.


As a high-end industrial refrigeration equipment, rubber and plastic molding auxiliary automation equipment, and also intelligent integrated system, Xiecheng has been committed to technological innovation and improving product quality. In recent years, Xiecheng has placed more research and development emphasis on automation and intelligence. They have focused on intelligent application design infeeding systemwater supply system, gas supply system, and power supply system.

During the exchange activity, Chairman Fu and his delegation visited Xiecheng's production workshop and had in-depth discussions with Xiecheng's General Manager, Mr. Fu Zhibo. Both parties engaged in discussions on important topics such as technological innovation, market demands, and future development plans in the industry. They shared their experiences and achievements in the industry. This valuable exchange opportunity provided Xiecheng with a rare chance to promote communication and cooperation among industries, further advancing the comprehensive development of the rubber and plastic molding auxiliary equipment industry.


Chairman Fu expressed full recognition of the achievements and future plans of Xiecheng in recent years. He appreciated Xiecheng's focus on the development of automation and intelligence, as well as the achievements in building the company's brand and product reputation. The visit to Xiecheng not only demonstrated the association's attention and support but also injected new vitality into the rubber and plastic molding industry in Guangdong province.



This exchange activity has provided an important platform for cooperation and win-win outcomes within the industry. Xiecheng and representatives from the Guangdong Plastic Industry Association shared their experiences and achievements, and discussed industry development trends and challenges. The exchange and interaction between both parties have promoted technological advancement and fostered innovation.

As a representative enterprise in the field of rubber and plastic molding auxiliary equipment manufacturing, Xiecheng will continue to adhere to the principles of technological innovation and prioritizing quality. They will constantly enhance the performance and market competitiveness of their products. At the same time, they expressed their commitment to actively respond to the association's initiatives by increasing research and development efforts and application of automation technology. They aim to propel the rubber and plastic molding industry towards digitization, automation, and sustainable development.

We believe that with the attention and support of the Guangdong Plastic Industry Association, Xiecheng will continue to achieve greater development and breakthroughs, making a significant contribution to the advancement of the rubber and plastic molding auxiliary equipment industry.


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