Service plan – central cold water system

The central cold water system is suitable for industrial cooling in the fields of cooling, constant temperature, etc., centralized control, double-stage cooling, energy saving and flexible use of space by point and surface. It is an indispensable supporting equipment for modern industry to improve production efficiency and improve production quality.

The whole system adopts centralized cooling, centralized control, and centralized transportation of chilled water. Intelligent cooling, energy saving, and flexible use of space. The entire system can accurately control temperature, flow and pressure to maximize the cooling effect. Its products include air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, cooling towers, pumps, and water tanks. Based on the standard equipment technology, can provide customers with personalized solutions to meet different needs. The inverter control chiller SIIC main machine adopts the inverter compressor to change the frequency according to the change of the load, adjust the cooling capacity of the machine to make the chilled water temperature constant to achieve the purpose of precise temperature control, and save 15% energy compared with the traditional chiller.

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