Service plan – central feeding system

The central feeding system is designed according to the layout of the customer’s on-site machine and the materials used on the site, combined with the special auxiliary machine to achieve centralized feeding and centralized control, thus achieving unmanned uninterrupted operation. A holistic solution for forming operations. The central feeding system uses industrial computers to automatically control all the machines in a centralized manner, enabling 24-hour continuous feeding of all material units. With the special functions of each machine in the system, special requirements such as dehumidification, drying, conveying, metering and mixing of raw materials can be perfectly realized. The central feeding system has a variety of monitoring and protection functions, and the work is safe and reliable, which is the core premise for the enterprise to realize the unmanned chemical plant.

Storage and delivery

Whether it’s a small storage tank or a large outdoor storage bin, you can provide the most suitable storage solution to save space, protect raw materials and reduce transportation costs.
The parts in contact with the raw materials are made of stainless steel and the filtering device of the conveying system, which effectively ensures that the raw materials are not polluted during transportation.
The flexible conveying air conditioning system can effectively avoid the situation of drawing or dusting of raw materials due to different conveying conditions by adjusting the conveying speed.
For high-temperature raw material conveying systems,  has specially designed a solution with water cooling function, which reduces the risk of vacuum pumping for high-temperature raw materials.
The secondary conveying system of the closed cycle, in the process of conveying the hot material and the heat preservation hopper that needs to be sent to the molding machine after drying,
It can greatly reduce the risk of heat loss during transportation and the moisture absorption of the dried material.

Raw material distribution

The standard manual material distribution station uses quick couplings to allow you to choose the best dosing line, and the central distributor and its associated fittings increase system efficiency.
The automatic material distribution station is controlled by a central console and can be used in large feed systems.

Extrusion control

Cooling air ring and film thickness gauge
For plastic film blowing machines, the wind ring is an important component of bubble forming and cooling, and the wind ring has a great influence on film thickness uniformity and film yield.

Recycling broken

For the processing of scraps, the crusher is suitable for a variety of different plastic products
The crushing and recycling, such as preforms, PET bottles and so on.
Centralized control design for easy handling;
Close to the open cutting chamber design for easy cleaning of the interior;
Equipped with multiple safety devices to reduce damage to people and machines.

Industrial refrigeration

The screw compressor is relatively stable, the service life is longer, and the refrigeration effect is better.Bitzer is the best brand of screw compressors in the world (also available in Taiwan Hanzhong);
Equipped with high efficiency shell and tube evaporator, high efficiency shell and tube condenser
The heat dissipation efficiency is higher and the cooling effect is better.

Mold temperature control

Temperature control with P.I.D, temperature error is ±0.1 degrees, long-term constant temperature, high efficiency, saving energyOil return type can realize the recovery of heat transfer oil conveniently and quicklySix protection functions: automatic exhaust at startup, automatic cooling at shutdown, thermocouple interrupt alarm,Power phase loss, out of phase protection, pump protection, overheat protection, lack of oil, etc.

Dry material

Avoid drying raw materials, re-wet due to contact with outside air, improve drying effect
Disperse the hot air evenly, the temperature is stable, and effectively keep the plastic dry;
With overheat protection to reduce accidents caused by human or mechanical failure,
It can also set a week to automatically switch on and off, saving energy and electricity;

Automatic conveying

The parts in contact with the raw materials are made of stainless steel and the filtering device of the conveying system.Effectively ensure that the raw materials are not contaminated during transportation.Flexible conveying air conditioning system, by adjusting the conveying speed,Effectively avoiding the condition of drawing or dusting the raw materials due to different conveying conditions.

Metering mix

The weighing compound mixer SGB controller is equipped with an Ethernet interface, and the corresponding software can read the raw material ratio data through this communication interface.(such as maximum output, actual production, ratio accuracy) to facilitate product quality control. Automatic repeat calibration function,The program will be automatically proofed after each load bearing to ensure the best matching accuracy.
With automatic compensation function of reclaimed materials, the color difference compensation can be automatically calculated according to the amount of reclaimed material.

Central feeding system other accessories

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