Service plan – Tunnel project cooling systerm

Tunnel engineer cooling systerm is kind of water systerm to offer cooling water to shield machine. It is designed to deal with the disadvantage of shield machine cooling systerm such as: poor air absorption,high energy consumption,uneven cooling, lound noise and slow speed air cooling. Tunnel engineering systerm can offer some fuction that energy saving,cool evenly,low noise and high speed cooling in heat exchanger,outside cooling ,inner loop systerm.

Water cooled screw chiller (external cooling system)

External cooling system is based on a screw chiller cools the subject by water-cooled condensing, which minimizes the energy consumption during the process. The inlet water pipe connects the water supply and the other end connects the heat exchanger intake. The inlet pipe equips with a ball valve, filter and pressure regulating valve. The exchanger outlet also equips with a ball valve.

Air exchanger (heat exchanger)

Air exchanger is called a heat exchanger and includes a housing. The housing is provided with cooling coppers, and the housing is provided with water inlet and outlet. Because air cooling tends to lead to uneven cooling and local overheating, heat exchange needs to be carried out in the air exchanger. The air exchanger has the characteristics of uniform cooling, low noise, fast cooling and so on.

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