On the afternoon of June 11, Jiangmen City Hunan Chamber of Commerce leader Fang Fang, Xiong Jin executive chairman, Li Xuejiao party committee branch secretary, and members of the chamber of commerce and other members of the Chamber of Commerce came to Jiangmen City Xiecheng Machinery Co., Ltd. to visit and guide. Fu Zhibo, general manager of Jiangmen Xiecheng Machinery Co., Ltd., warmly accompanied the reception and conducted a series of corporate sharing and exchange activities.

Fu Zhibo accompanied leaders and members of the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Jiangmen City to visit the workshops of Jiangmen Xiecheng Machinery Co., Ltd. During the visit, Mr. Fu introduced in detail the quality control system of our company’s product design, production, inspection and service. During the period, leaders and members praised the factory production and business model of Jiacheng Machinery. While being recognized by the Jiangmen Hunan Chamber of Commerce and others, it also gave us valuable suggestions and guidance.

In the conference room of our company, Fu Zhibo, general manager of Zongcheng Machinery, shared the development history of Zongcheng with the current development situation and future development plan for the chamber of commerce enterprises. At the same time, under the influence of the current epidemic situation, we made in-depth experience exchange and sharing on our company’s response measures in production, operation and marketing.

President Fang Fang, Executive President Xiong Jin and Secretary of the Party Branch of Li Xuejiao of the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Jiangmen also shared and exchanged with the Hunan Chamber of Commerce. Emphasizing that through inter-enterprise exchange activities, the distance between chambers of commerce will be shortened, and emotions will be enhanced. At the same time, the positioning of enterprises should be identified for the current epidemic situation, and the combination of resources, information and knowledge should be strengthened. To enhance its market adaptability and competitiveness.