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Service Plan – Central Cold Water System

The central cold water system is suitable for industrial cooling in the fields of cooling, constant temperature, etc., centralized control, double-stage cooling, energy saving and flexible use of space by point and surface. It is an indispensable supporting equipment for modern industry to improve production efficiency and improve production quality.

Whether it’s a small storage tank or a large outdoor storage bin, you can provide the most suitable storage solution to save space, protect raw materials and reduce transportation costs.
The parts in contact with the raw materials are made of stainless steel and the filtering device of the conveying system, which effectively ensures that the raw materials are not polluted during transportation.
The flexible conveying air conditioning system can effectively avoid the situation of drawing or dusting of raw materials due to different conveying conditions by adjusting the conveying speed.
For high-temperature raw material conveying systems,  has specially designed a solution with water cooling function, which reduces the risk of vacuum pumping for high-temperature raw materials.
The secondary conveying system of the closed cycle, in the process of conveying the hot material and the heat preservation hopper that needs to be sent to the molding machine after drying,
It can greatly reduce the risk of heat loss during transportation and the moisture absorption of the dried material.

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