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INdustrial Plastic MIXer & Blender

Other names:plastic mixing machine,plastic raw blender,industrial stirrer,divided into vertical blender,gravimetric blender,volumetric dosers,horizontal/vertical color mixer,mainly used for plastic mixing and mixing of toner,can also be used for food processing industry.

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Industrial Plastic Mixer & Blender from Xiecheng

XIECHENG MACHINE is the manufacturer of plastic mixer & blender with over 10 years experience,our plastic mixing equipment serve many different applications, can mixing all kinds of plastic materials.

Vertical Blender

Xiecheng vertical blender suitable for all kinds of plastic raw materials and color masterbatch or granules.Helical circular mixture,fast and evenly stirring.Equipped with heating and drying function for optional:double layer thermal insulation Euro heating box to reduce heat loss,tank surface with low temperature,enerfy saving and safety.

Color Mixer

Color mixer divided into vertical color mixer and horizontal color mixer,mainly used for plastic mixing and mixing of mixing toner,simple,easy to operate,save time,can also be used for food processing industry.

Gravimetric Blender

The Gravimetric Blenders of Xiecheng are used in injection,extrusion and blowing production with more than one materials by different proportional mixture.It is adopted with Siemens PLC control system.The advanced dosing method assures accurate self-calibration for each start-up.Easy and handy for opeartion.

Volumetirc Doser & Mixing Device

Other names:Volumetric doser,masterbatch mixing device,mainly suitable for raw material and color or additives,according to a certain proportion of automatic mixing,for uniform mixing,at the injection extrusion and blowing production.​​​​​​​

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    All models of plastic crushers have passed European CE standards

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