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Other names:MTC,mold heater,In a broad sense,called temperature control equipment,Contains heating and freezing temperature control

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Mold Temperature Controller to Fit Any Need

The Mold Temperature Controllers of Xiecheng are mainly used for the heating and temperature keeping of injection molds.They can also play a role in other industries with similar facilities requirements.

XIECHENG MACHINE is the manufacturer of mold temperature controller with over 10 years experience,divided into water temperature controller and oil temperature controller.We are committed to providing our customers with everything needed to operate an efficient facility.Using our MTC to control temperature that ensure industrial processes are always operating at an optimal level.

Features of Xiecheng mold temperature controller machine include:
● Improve the efficiency of product shaping and molding;
● Reduce insufficient products;
● Improve the appearance of product and reduce product defects;
● Speed up production rate,reduce energy consumption,save energy.

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  • Application Category

    Plastic molding,Die casting of light guide plate,Rubber tire,Roller,Chemical reaction Kettle,Adhesive industry,Plastication and mixing industry etc.

  • Certification of MTC

    All models of mold temperature controller have passed European CE standards

  • 7*24 Hours Service
    Have an excellent after-sales service team to ensure that the first time to solve customer after-sales problems.
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