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Service Plan – Extrusion Blow Molding System

The blow molding process consists of two main blow molding methods, extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding. Place a tubular plastic parison, obtained by extrusion or injection molding of a thermoplastic resin, into a split mold while being heated (or heated to a softened state), and import compressed air into the parison immediately after closing the mold to inflate the plastic parison and make it adhere closely to the inner wall of the mold, finally after the cooling and demoulding, we would get all kinds of hollow products. Blow molding is a molding process in manufacturing hollow thin-walled products from thermoplastic materials. Typical products are large-capacity final consuming products such as bottles and containers. At present, the most widely used plastics in production are PE, PP and PVC.

Plastic crusher

For the disposal of defective products, XIECHENG Crusher is suitable for the crushing and recycling of various plastic products, such as preforms and PET bottles. Centralized control design, easy to operate; nearly open cutting chamber design, easy to clean the interior; with multiple safety protection devices to reduce damage to people and machines.

Volumetric masterbatch mixer

The XIECHENG Volumemetric Masterbatch mixer XCM can be used for the measurement of masterbatch raw materials. The production range is 0.2~32kg/hr. If the customer requires higher accuracy on the proportion in feeding color masterbatch, we recommend the use of the weightless color master machine XGD, with weight loss measurement method, the production range is 0.04~32kg/hr.


Gravimetric Mixer

In the extrusion blowing process, the main raw materials, masterbatch and recycled materials are added by certain proportion through the XGB gravimetric mixer. The output range of XGB mixer is 40~3000kg/hr, and the metering components range from 2 to 8 types. Equipped with Ethernet interface, the software is able to upload the mixing ratio data through the port, which is convenient for production quality control. At the same time, centralized monitoring of the machine can also be realized through the port (based on MODBUS-TCP/IP protocol).


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