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Hopper dryer also known as plastic dryer,the drying hopper,hot air dryer,commonly used in a variety of plastic molding industries,its role is to eliminate the moist in plastic materials,suggested to be used with a honeycomb dehumidifier for better results.

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Hopper Dryer from Xiecheng

Xiecheng Hopper Dryer is ideal for plastics processing and works in an efficient fashion by continuously dispersing hot air evenly throughout the hopper.This hot air drying hopper may be directly mounted on to the molding machine for quick drying and space saving, or mounted with floor stand.

Why Choose Our Energy Effifiency Hopper Dryer ?

As energy-saving injection moulding machines getting popular,with years of developing and applying in practices by Xiecheng,the dual-efficient long durability drying system is launched to the market for replacing traditional high-consumed systems.This system could save energy by 20%~40% compared with traditional ones,with no potential risk of damage caused by overheat from blower failures:hence more safe and reliable.

Honeycomb Dehumidifying Dryer Machines

The Dehumidifying Machines of Xiecheng are widely used in dehumidifying of different kinds materials,especially the plastic materials with high hygroscopictiy like PA,PC,PBT,PET etc.The designs can be divided into semi-closed or full-closed.

Advantages of Dehumidifier Dryer

 Its compact design of dehumidifying machines include the dehumidifier,dryer and loaders;
 The honeycomb can reach the dew point of -40°C;
 The machine is adopted with the HMI control panel;
 With the full-closed loading system,it helps to avoid materials damping again by getting touch with air.

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  • All Type of Drying Dehumidifying Series
    The Dehumidifying machines include:Honeycomb Dehumidifier,2 in 1 Honeycomb Dehumidifier,All in One compact Dryer,EuroType Hopper dryer,Cabinet Dryer,High Efficiency and Energy Saving Hopper Dryer,Standard Hopper Dryers.
  • Certification of Drying Dehumidifying Series

    All models of dehumidifier dryers and hopper dryers have passed European CE standards

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    Have an excellent after-sales service team to ensure that the first time to solve customer after-sales problems.
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