Central Feeding System

The Centralized Feeding System is an overall solution for customer’s whole plant, realizing central conveying and central controlling, and continuous unmanned forming production. 

Central Cold Water System

The central cold water system is suitable for industrial cooling in the fields of cooling, constant temperature, etc., centralized control, double-stage cooling, energy saving and flexible use of space by point and surface.

Extrusion Blow Molding System

A tubular plastic parison obtained by extrusion or injection molding of a thermoplastic resin is placed in a split mold while being heated (or heated to a softened state)

PET Preform System

It adopts intelligent energy-saving control technology to meet all requirements from plastic conveying, dehumidifying drying, mold temperature and cooling, recycling material utilization and color management. 

Dehumidification Drying System

The multi-stage honeycomb runner and the all-stainless steel double-layer down-blowing heat preservation hopper integrate the three machines of dehumidification, drying and feeding. It has the advantages of fast and simple feeding, compact structure, strong and durable. 

Tunnel Project Cooling System

The tunnel engineering cooling system relates to a water cooling system that provides cooling water to a shield machine. It is mainly designed to solve the problems of high energy consumption and uneven cooling of the existing shield machine cooling system. 

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