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Xiecheng Machinery is one of professional manufacturers and solution provider of rubber and plastic auxiliary machinery for plastic processing. Has rich experience in plastic raw material processing in different plastic forming machines such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, etc., focusing on improving raw material storage, drying, conveying, mixing and other technologies.

Our auxiliary products cover all application areas: Industrial Refrigeration, Mold Temp. Controlling, Material Conveying, Crushing & Recycling, Dehumidifying & Drying, Mixing, and Central Intelligent System Solutions with independent developed controlling software for Material Feeding, Air Supply, Water Supply and Power Supply, etc. 


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Xiecheng Machinery provides you with supporting solutions for plastic auxiliary equipment of the whole factory plastic machinery plant, as well as central feeding system, centralized water supply system with frequency conversion, temperature and pressure constancy and also intellectual energy saving electric system.
plastic auxiliary equipment

Auxiliary Equipment for Plastics Processing

Xiecheng machinery is able to offer concrete solutions across the entire spectrum of plastic auxiliary equipment and plastics processes. In the plastics processing industry, whether it is extrusion, injection molding, rolling, hollow molding, or film blowing, spinning, etc., in addition to the host that meets the requirements, a large number of plastic auxiliary equipment is often required to complete various processing procedures. As an plastic auxiliary equipment supplier, our equipment maximizes overall processing efficiency for productivity and reduces operating costs.

Feeding and Conveying

Xiecheng provides a full range of single and three phase auto loaders, which transport plastic granules from one place to another through the vacuum pressure of the air pump to meet the needs of customers, thereby realizing automatic production. They can work as single units or be part of a central feeding system with a group of vacuum pumps, and various raw material feeding and conveying devices.

Our Series of Feeding & Conveying includes:
Euro-Hopper Loader
Standard Self-Contained Hopper Loader
Standard Separate-Vacuum Hopper Loader
Separate-Vacuum Hopper Loader
Multi-Station Hopper Loader
Power Hopper Loader
Centralized Feeding System

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Feeding & Conveying Series page for more information and product specifications!

Drying and Dehumidifying

Xiecheng offers a wide range of desiccant dryers. These dryers are available in the versions with desiccant beds or with rotor technology. In addition, Xiecheng provides hot air dryers, which can also be used for high-throughput removal of moisture from non-hygroscopic thermoplastic surfaces. Xiecheng also provides the ideal solution for mould drying. A range of dedicated dryers to avoid any risk of condensation on the mould surfaces, especially in injection and blow moulding applications and PET preforming systems characterized by fast cycles.

Our Series of Drying & Dehumidifying includes:
Honeycomb Dehumidifiers
2 in 1 Honeycomb Dehumidifier
“All in One” Compact Dryers
Euro-Hopper Dryer
High Efficiency and Energy Saving Hopper Dryer
Standard Hopper Dryer

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Drying Dehumidifying Series page for more information and product specifications!

Dosing and Mixing

Xiecheng mixing series is mixed with all kinds of plastic raw materials and color mixing. It can be mixed and stirred for a single raw material, or it can be mixed and stirred for a variety of plastic raw materials and color masterbatches or additives at the same time. At the same time, combined with the advanced automatic control system independently developed by Xicheng, it can realize the function of automatic and precise mixing and proportioning.

Our Series of Mixing includes:
Volumetric Doser
Gravimetric Blender
Vertical Blender
Vertical Color Mixer
Euro-Mixing Storage Tank
Volumetric Ratio of Two Feed Mixer

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Mixing Series page for more information and product specifications!

Heating and Cooling

Xiecheng offers heating and cooling equipment in many models with numerous applications. Our machine can provide our customers with the temperature control required for heating, constant temperature and cooling during the plastic processing, so that the plastic machinery always operates at the best level during the processing.

Our Series of Heating & Cooling includes:
Air Cooled Chiller
Water Cooled Chiller
Screw Water Chiller
Water/Oil Mold Temperature Controller

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Heating & Cooling Series page for more information and product specifications!

Granulating and Recycling

Recycling of various plastics and rejects and sprues in the injection and blow molding industries can provide significant savings in material management and solve environmental problems. With a versatile range of plastic crusher, Xiecheng offers the solution for the immediate recovery of rejects beside the machine or in a centralized position. The output granules are even and with less powder or dust occurred.

Our Series of Granulating Recycling includes:
Soundproof Granulator with Collector
Granulator with Auto Feeder
Standard Plastic Crusher
GB Series Plastic Granulator
Online Plastic Crusher
Granulating Auto Collecting System
Auto Powder Sifting Device

Visit our Granulating Recycling Series page for more information and product specifications!
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