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Industrial water chiller SERIES

Industrial chiller, other names: water chiller, chiller unit, industrial refrigeration equipment. Divided into water cooled chiller/air cooled chiller.

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Which industrial applications need water chiller?

Industrial water chillers of Xiecheng are widely used in many industries like plastic and rubber manufacturing, electronic productions, electroplating, medical chemistry, ultrasonic cooling and printing business, etc. It can accurately controls the cooling temperature of modern facilities.

Things To Know Xiecheng Bland Industrial Water Chiller

XIECHENG MACHINE is the manufacturer of water chiller with over 10 years experience,we has been devoted herself to be an integrated enterprise of R&D,Manufacturing and Sales for High-end Industrial Refrigeration Equipment.

At the same time, we also provide solutions for central cooling system, as well as efficiently meet the customized demand based on her techinical strength and supply chain advantages. It is an indispensable supporting equipment for modern industry to improve production efficiency and improve production quality.Water chillers are an important part of the central cooling system.

What is water chiller?

Chiller is a equipment for cooling water and providing stable temperature, flow and pressure. The working principle of a water chiller is to first input certain water into its internal tank, through the chiller cooling system the water would be cooled down, then the internal pump would pump out this cooled water into subject device(s) and take out the heat of the device(s); and the warm or hot water occurred would go back into the chiller tank for a new cooling cycle heat exchange, hence to realize the cooling of a device.

Why do I need water chiller?

Industrial water chiller could accurately provide needed temperature for modern industrial manufacturing and largely improve efficiency and product quality. Like the water chiller is to provide a cooling process in plastic molding, to improve quality of molded products and shorten period of injection molding cycles. Hence maximizes productivity of plastic molding manufacturing.

How do I choose water chiller?

Chiller are divided with air cooled type and water cooled type while water cooled type could be further divided into box type and screw type.

Air cooled Chiller: If the workshop condition is dry and with no case of powder, under good ventilation, it’s optional for air-cooled chiller due to its convenience on installation and moving with the help of air type condenser and fan which does not require additional cooling tower for radiation.

Water cooled box type chiller: If there’s already cooling tower in the facility, it’s optional for water-cooled type chiller for it’s required to work with cooling tower and pump to process hot water to reach better radiation.
Screw type chiller: For better cooling result and longer life time using, screw type chiller or chiller unit is required.

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  • Refrigerant of Water Chiller

    Standard refrigerant:R22;

    Optional refrigerant:R407C,R410A,


  • Certification Of Water Chiller

    All models of water chiller have passed European CE standards

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