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Service Plan-PET Preform System

Relying on its technical strength in the field of plastic auxiliary machines, it can meet all requirements from plastic conveying, dehumidifying drying, mold temperature and cooling, recycling material utilization and color management. It adopts intelligent energy-saving control technology to strictly monitor the raw material processing process and realize different systematic solutions tailored for customers.

Automatic conveying system

The parts in contact with the raw materials are made of stainless steel and the filtering device of the conveying system, which effectively ensures that the PET raw materials are not polluted during transportation. The flexible air conveying conditioning system can effectively avoid the situation of drawing or dusting of PET raw materials due to different conveying conditions by adjusting the conveying speed.The conveying system of PET high-temperature raw materials ,XIECHENG has specially designed a solution with water cooling function, which reduces the risk of conveying the high-temperature raw materials of the automatic loader.The sealed-cycle secondary conveying system,XIECHENG designed can greatly reduce the risk of heat loss during the conveying process and the rehygroscopicity of the dried material during the conveying process of the hot material and the insulated hopper that needs to be sent to the forming machine after drying.

Drying system

Drying is a particularly critical stage in the PET preform system process, and it must be ensured that the moisture in the raw material is removed and the drying temperature is reasonable. XIECHENG’s dehumidifying dryer provides dew point dry air at -40 ° C or lower and allows for timely monitoring of various parameters and constant dew point.Dew point setting and intelligent regeneration function, the traditional dehumidifier dew point temperature can not be set, the dehumidifier is working at the maximum load state. However, when dealing with PET materials with high humidity requirements, the dew point must be set and controlled. The dew point temperature can be set to control the regenerative energy, which reduces energy consumption compared to conventional dehumidifiers.

Color matching system

XIECHENG Volume Color Masterbatch SCM can be used for the measurement of crystalline and non-crystalline material masterbatch materials with a production range of 0.2~32kg/hr. If the customer has higher requirements on the proportion and accuracy of the color masterbatch, we recommend the use of the weightless color master machine SGD, using the weight loss measurement method, the production range is 0.04~32kg/hr.

PET crystallizer

The XIECHENG PET crystallizer is specially designed to overcome the glass transition temperature of raw materials and ensure homogenous crystallization, avoiding the bonding or bridging of raw materials. The models range from SCR-160U to SCR-2500U, and the crystal barrel capacity ranges from 160 liters to 2,500 liters.The material level detecting system can adjust the operation mode of the crystallizer and the feeding device according to the actual raw material quantity detected by the level meter. Accurate temperature sensing control system with rotating discharge valve for continuous crystallization and degradation prevention.

Gravimetric Blender

Special high-temperature weighing and mixing mixer design, including weighing sensor and material level detector, can deal with PET crystallization high temperature raw material processing.The controller is equipped with an Ethernet interface, and the corresponding software can read the raw material ratio data (such as maximum output, actual output, and ratio accuracy) through the communication interface to facilitate product quality control. The automatic repeat calibration function automatically checks the program after each load bearing to ensure the best matching accuracy. With automatic compensation function of reclaimed materials, the color difference compensation can be automatically calculated according to the amount of reclaimed material.

Mould dehumidification system

Condensation is like when the surface temperature of the mold is lower than the dew point temperature of the ambient air, it will produce moisture, which will affect the product quality and production efficiency, and will corrode the mold surface, which will cause environmental pollution. XIECHENG Mould Dehumidifier XC-MD can effectively solve the problem of forming condensate water in the mold shell and cavity due to the use of chilled water to shorten the molding cycle, ensuring stable molding conditions and maximum production capacity of PET system.

cooling system

XIECHENG’s chiller cooling system can accurately control temperature, flow and pressure to maximize the cooling effect. Its products include air-cooled and water-cooled chillers, cooling towers, pumps and water tanks. Based on the standard equipment technology, XIECHENG can provide customers with personalized solutions to meet different needs.The variable frequency control chiller SIIC adopts the inverter compressor to convert the frequency according to the change of the load, adjust the cooling capacity of the machine to make the chilled water temperature constant to achieve the purpose of precise temperature control, and save 15% energy compared with the traditional chiller.

PET moisture content online detection

In PET molding production, the moisture content is the most critical acceptance criteria for preform producers. In order to ensure the high quality of the product, the moisture content of the PET raw material before molding must be controlled within the allowable range. The AQU 100 moisture content tester is designed for the detection of moisture content of PET raw materials.

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