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Plastic crusher machine SERIES

Plastic crusher is known as plastic granulator, plastic crushing machine, plastic grinder, plastic shredder, is suitable for granulating to a variety of wastes like engineering plastics, injection defective lumps.

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Powerful Plastic Crusher Machine

Our plastic crushing machine are used in the material recycling at injection molding, blowing and extruding production. They especially target to huge plastic chunks and other tough materials.

Plastic Type: PVC, PET, ABS, PP, PE, PC, PMMA, PA, PS

Plastic Crusher Machine to Fit Any Need

Plastic crusher and plastic granulator from Xiecheng can be used across a wide range of industries, including the worlds of injection molding, blowing and extruding production.

XIECHENG MACHINE is the manufacturer & supplier of plastic crushers with over 10 years experience, our plastic crusher can crush all kinds of plastic materials, with meet your specific needs.

Below, you’ ll find different type premier plastic crusher we provide, these plastic crusher serve many different applications.

Standard Plastic Crusher

Xiecheng standard plastic crusher, also known as powerful plastic crushing machine. The cutter blades has 4 knife types, including claw type, flat type, flake type and V type. Standard plastic crusher machine can crush all kinds of soft and hard plastics, plastic bottle(thin-walled hollow objects), plastic sheet, rod, lump, runner, plastic film, filament, molded part etc. These plastic granulator are available in 5 - 10HP, with meet customers different crush capability needs.

Some of the features of our standard plastic crusher include:
  • The blades are made of alloy steel which are tougher, more durable and can be adjusted.
  • The shaft is made of high level steel.
  • The insulation design of hopper can reduce the noise of crushing.
  • Scientific structure, convenient for operation, energy saving and durable.
  • Equipped with multiple safety protection devices to ensure safe operation.

GB Series Plastic Crusher

GB series plastic plastic bottle crusher of upgraded design is aimed at cutting bottles and barrels. The rotary blades and stationary blades are settled as a V-shaped angle. This angle can make better cutting. The granules are evenly cut and less powder is caused.

No need for manual cutting, higher efficiency. These type plastic bottle crusher can directly crush large hollow bottles, paint barrels, chemical barrels, etc.

Soundproof Plastic Crusher With Collector

Compared with standard plastic crusher, soundproof plastic crusher has a unique soundproof structure, which can effectively reduce the noise level under operation. All series of Xiecheng crushers can be customized silent type crushers, which can meet the needs of users with higher requirements for the working environment.

Some of the features of our soundproof plastic crusher include:
  • Optimized with full-closed soundproof structure, ensuring the low noise level under operation.
  • Equipped with current relay, motor overload protector and other safety devices, to ensure safe operation.
  • Applied with collecting device which can automatically load the materials into bags or storage tanks.

Online Plastic Crusher

Xiecheng machinery’s online plastic crusher has 3 types of machine, including high speed, medium speed and slow speed. These machines are used on the side of the injection molding machine to crusher plastic scrap, lump, semi-finished products and other materials generated during the injection molding process of the injection molding machine.

Some of the features of our online plastic crusher include:
  • Small footprint.
  • Operate for long hours.
  • No tools required for maintenance & cleaning up.
  • Less powder caused, lower noise and energy saving.

How Plastics are Recycled

Plastics have ideal properties for recycling. However, a requirement for a functioning circular economy is that all actors along the entire supply chain must work together and communicate with each other. Plastic recycling projects across a wide range of industries, including automotive industry, injection molding industry, extrusion industry, blow molding industry, electrical industry. So plastic recycling machine play an important role in plastic recycling, like plastic crusher. For the plastics industry (plastics manufacturers, plastics processors, and plastics recyclers) this also applies to their customers and distributors, who influence the product design and the possibility of using a recycled material with their requirements and material specifications.

Blade Production Process

Xeicheng plastic crusher blades are made of high-strength alloy tool steel (Blade materials: Cr12MOV), Blade production process: cutting by sawing machine -> rough grinding by milling machine -> drilling by drilling machine -> heating treatment by Vacuum furnace -> precision grinding with grinder. All blade are made by vacuum quenching heating treatment, with high hardness, good abrasion resistance, and long durability.


Type Cutter Saddle Grinding Capacity
Plastic Type
XC-GY Claw type 200~1500 10~100 PVC\PET\ABS\PP\PE\PC\PMMA\PA\PS
XC-GP Flake type 100~1500 5~100 PVC\PP\PC\PS
XC-GD Flat type 170~1400 10~100 PE\PET
XC-GV V type 130~800 20~100
XC-GB GB type 350~1200 20~75 HDPE\PET
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