Investigation on resumption of work and production and epidemic prevention and control

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Zhao Ruisi, director of Jiangmen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, visited Xiecheng Machinery to resume work and production and investigate the epidemic prevention and control work


On the afternoon of February 12, Zhao Ruisi, Director of the Jiangmen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and his team inspected Jiangmen Xiecheng Machinery Co., Ltd.'s resumption of work and production and epidemic prevention and control. Strengthen prevention and control responsibilities, strict prevention and control measures, and organize the resumption of work and production in a safe and orderly manner to provide important guarantees for winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

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Zhao Ruisi carefully reviewed the epidemic prevention and control plan formulated by our company, the preparation of prevention and control materials, and the elimination of production workshops, and asked in detail whether the reserves of protective materials were sufficient, the prevention and control awareness and health status of returning personnel. Our company conducted a risk assessment for the prevention and control of this epidemic, and formulated an emergency plan based on the company's own situation. All prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement and frequent hand washing were all in place, which was affirmed by Director Zhao Ruisi.

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After the resumption of work and production, Mr. Fu Zhibo, general manager of Xiecheng Machinery, accompanied him to enter our production workshop. Zhao Ruisi inspected the company's exhibition hall, product production lines, equipment and warehouses to gain an in-depth understanding of production prevention and control measures, production processes, and raw material preparation. During the visit, when Zhao Ruisi asked about the impact and impact of the epidemic on our company, he learned about the difficulties faced in the current epidemic prevention and control environment, including the uneven logistics and transportation and domestic and foreign industry exhibitions. Delay etc. Based on the above-mentioned problems, Zhao Ruisi gave our company a practical guidance plan to minimize the impact of the epidemic.

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Director Zhao Ruisi fully affirmed our company’s various prevention and control measures for this epidemic and the resumption of work and production. At the same time, he emphasized that we must strictly follow the municipal government’s deployment requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and make solid preparations for the resumption of work, and adhere to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Produce with both hands. Our company will strictly implement our company's epidemic prevention and control plan, seriously do a good job in the investigation of returning employees, improve everyone's protection awareness, master protection knowledge, and ensure our company's safe production.


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