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Simple water flow divider

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Features of shunt controller:

◎The flow divider controller can be divided into a simple water flow divider and a precision water flow divider. It is widely used in the mold cooling of the injection molding machine and the cooling water tank connection system of the extruder. It is efficient and simple to install, and the reliable pressure equalization and distribution ensure Each flow channel of the cooling system is cooled efficiently, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing the output rate of the working host and the qualified rate of the finished product.

◎The simple water flow dividers are all made of precision casting, with beautiful and smooth appearance. Choose high-quality copper ball valves, which are durable;

◎The all-plastic design of the precision water flow divider solves the problem of easy oxidation of the base and has a longer service life;

◎Material selection of high-quality, high-temperature-resistant, high-pressure plastic;

◎Clearly test the water temperature of each circuit, the error can reach ±1℃;

modelShunt numberLength(mm)Height*width(mm)Positioning hole distance (mm)
PrecisionSimple typePrecisionSimple typePrecisionSimple type
XC-03033 in 3 out195135324*5045*9810095
XC-04044 in 4 out250173324*5045*98100125
XC-05055 in 5 out305217324*5045*98100170
XC-06066 in 6 out360255324*5045*98100215
XC-08088 in 8 out470340324*5045*98100290
XC-101010 in 10 out580420324*5045*98100365

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