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Container Bag Discharge Station

product description

Container Bag Discharge Station

Container Bag Discharge Station

The Container Bag Discharge Station is an efficient equipment designed to handle the unloading and conveying requirements of bulk bags. It features simple operation, no secondary pollution, and the option to add functionalities based on specific needs, providing convenience and flexibility. With the bulk bag unloader, factories can efficiently handle bulk bag materials and achieve goals such as feeding production lines or adding materials to storage bins.


1. Simple bag opening station for easy operation: The bulk bag unloader is designed with a simple structure that makes it easy for workers to operate.

2. Fully enclosed bag opening to prevent secondary pollution: The bulk bag unloader ensures a fully enclosed bag opening process, preventing any occurrence of secondary pollution and effectively maintaining a clean working environment.

3. Optional installation of rotary discharge valve and acceleration chamber: The bulk bag unloader can be equipped with a rotary discharge valve and acceleration chamber as per the requirements, suitable for transferring materials to storage containers.

4. Optional anti-bridging function: For materials with poor flowability, the bulk bag unloader can be equipped with an anti-bridging function, which prevents bridging at the discharge opening of the hopper.

5. Optional tapping function: The bulk bag unloader can be equipped with a tapping function to assist the smooth flow of materials with poor flowability into the hopper from the bulk bag.

Working Principle:

The Container Bag Discharge Station is used to unload bagged bulk materials and operates semi-automatically. The bag is lifted by an electric hoist, and the bag rope hangs on a rigid support frame. The hoist is controlled manually to lift and move the bag along the travel rail, positioning it above the unloading area. The bag is placed on the tray of the support frame, ready for unloading. Then, the manual operation opens the discharge valve door, and the discharge opening of the bag is connected to the outlet of the discharge valve. The fastening cylinder of the discharge valve is activated by pressing the fastening button, securing the bag opening. The discharge opening of the bag is manually pulled down from the unloading position, covering the outer side of the discharge pipe in the sealed discharge box. By pressing the pneumatic control switch of the bag pressing mechanism, the sealing flange descends and tightly presses against the end of the discharge pipe, sealing the discharge channel to prevent dust leakage during the unloading process. After manually removing the bag, the operation door is closed. The valve on the ventilation and dust removal pipeline connected to the sealed discharge box is manually opened. With this, the unloading preparation process is completed.

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