10th Anniversary of Xiecheng Employee Entry

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Ten years of standing together through thick and thin, and ten years of witnessing growth.

In the past ten years, they have used ten years of hard work to compose a movement about trust, love and struggle. From dawn to dusk, from severe cold to sweltering heat, ten years are short and long, calm and hurried, time has weaved the xiecheng process of carrying it into the trajectory of their lives. They go from youth to maturity, from being single to getting married and then becoming parents. Time has passed, but their original aspirations and dreams remain unchanged.


In order to thank xiecheng’s people for their hard work and constant companionship to the company for many years, on August 13, 2022, Jiangmen Xiecheng Machinery Co., Ltd. held a staff log tenth anniversary commemoration event.

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General Manager Fu Zhibo expressed his heartfelt thanks to the xiecheng’s people who have been sticking to different positions in the company for ten years, and sent a specially customized souvenir, flowers and letters of thanks.

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For ten years, more than 3,000 days and nights, you have always been consistent, growing together with Xiecheng, and making progress along the development track of Xiecheng. 10 years of hard work and hard work, 10 years of spring flowers and autumn fruits, the years have carved the traces of time on your face, but also left a firm look.

What attracted you to join xiecheng and work hard to this day?

Manager Liang of the Domestic Sales Department: I remember when I first came to Xiecheng, there were only a dozen people in the whole company. Now we have more than 200 people, so if we come here in the past 10 years, Xiecheng and I have always been in the company. To grow side by side, and then step by step together is to develop. For me, I feel that this platform is indeed a very good platform, it can make me feel the value and meaning of my existence, and a platform that can realize my dreams and wishes.

I have cried and laughed in the past ten years. I can still remember the sadness along the way. Of course, it is more about gains and breakthroughs. I feel that from a little girl to now, I can be more confident than before. The ability to have a very big breakthrough, so for me personally, I am very grateful.

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Ten years of xiecheng road, what have you gained?

Director Shi of the Quality Department: The biggest gain in the past ten years is that I can learn a lot from Xiecheng. When I first joined the job, I was just an ordinary assembler. Later, I started to debug the equipment slowly, and slowly learned how to maintain it. I have continued to grow in equipment and maintenance work. At the same time, I have also learned a lot about how to manage the team, control the quality, and serve customers well. Thank you for bringing me a platform to grow and work together.

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What impressed you the most in this decade?

Manager Zhao of the International Sales Department: In the ten years of the company, the most impressive thing is when our foreign trade team just started, because it was really difficult to start, because there were no resources, and the strength of our company was not as good as it is now. OK, so at the beginning, we study for a long time, then accumulate, and then work hard, find our team, and then expand our team. I just joined a graduate who just graduated. I didn’t understand a lot of things in front of me. After that, Mr. Fu always gave us a lot of learning opportunities, asking us to improve and so on. Then we did it while walking. In fact, it took For a long time, this is the most impressive and most difficult moment in my memory. Everything is difficult to start. So this is also a very good memory for me.

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What advice do you have for newly employees?

Sales Director Tan: Choose one line to love one line, and stick to it, because as a salesperson, you need to accumulate, persevere, and have patience. At the same time, you must have a studious and diligent heart, roll up your sleeves and work hard, and also need to have a sense of responsibility, not afraid of hardships and fatigue, and steadily improve your abilities, and grow up together with Xiecheng. After ten years of sharpening a sword, I hope that in the days to come, I will be able to bring fruitful harvests.

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About Xiecheng

XIECHENG Machinery, founded in 2009 in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, is the provider of High-end Industrial Refrigeration Equipment, Rubber and Plastic Molding Auxiliary Automation Equipment, and also Intelligent Integrated System Solution. Rewarded as Guangdong Hi-tech Enterprise, Jiangmen Engineering R&D Center and years of Jiangmen Class A Taxpayer, XIECHENG is now a well-known brand in plastic industry with products selling to over 105 countries and regions all around Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, South America, and Middle East etc.

Adopting Xiecheng core advantaged product lines including industrial Refrigeration, Mold Temp. Controlling, Material Conveying, crushing & Recycling, Dehumidifying & Drying and Mixing, integrating her independent developed controlling software system, XIECHENG is providing various customers with the Central Intelligent System Solutions for Water Supply, Power Supply, Air Supply and Material Feeding etc.

plastic auxiliary equipment


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