3 Tips for Plastic Crusher Feeding

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plastic crusher

The plastic crusher is also known as plastic recycling crusher. It is a high-speed extrusion and cutting type crushing machine. Through the mutual shearing force between the movable knife and the fixed knife in the crushing chamber, the plastic is crushed and cut, so that the plastic is continuously changed. After reaching the required size of the screen, the qualified crushed material will be released from the screen by the rotary centrifugal force, and the plastic that does not reach the specified size will be thrown upward to continue the cutting and crushing process.

Then you need to pay attention to the following matters when using the Xiecheng plastic crusher for feeding:

  • Judging by Production Capacity

The production capacity of different models of equipment is also very different. For those who do not know how much should be put, you can test the equipment after buying it back, from less to more to test the crushing ability of the equipment.

  • Judging by the Sound

To distinguish by the sound, if the crushing sound in the plastic crusher is louder, it means that there are more materials in it.

  • Selective Feeding According to Power

The lump of injection molding must be small or large. For example, some manufacturers are mostly small and medium waste, and it is rare to have large lumps. In order to save costs, they choose not to buy a heavy-duty plastic crusher. The conventional model can meet most of the requirements, but it is occasionally added. Attention should be paid to the large pieces of material, the large pieces should be cut into small pieces and placed in the crusher to avoid being stuck due to insufficient power.

Of course, it is better to choose a large, heavy-duty plastic crusher machine directly if there is enough purchasing budget.

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