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Fire emergency drill

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Jiangmen Xiecheng Machinery Co., Ltd. held a fire emergency drill


In order to further enhance our company's fire safety work, enhance fire safety awareness, effectively prevent fire accidents, and improve the ability of employees to deal with sudden fires, on the afternoon of September 10, Jiangmen Xiecheng Machinery Co., Ltd. conducted a fire emergency drill.


Before the start of this exercise, our personnel arrangements had been made.

Lu Xiaoxing is responsible for the arrangement of the entire matter; Shi Guodong is responsible for fire-fighting drill layout, disaster reporting and fire alarm; Feng Ximing is responsible for cutting off the power supply in the first workshop, evacuation and order maintenance; Shi Xianhong is responsible for cutting off the power supply in the second workshop, evacuation and order maintenance. Tang Yongfeng is responsible for power cut off in the third workshop, employee evacuation and order maintenance; Feng Jinhua is responsible for power off, employee evacuation and order maintenance in the fourth workshop; Hu Haibing is responsible for power cut off, staff evacuation and order maintenance in the warehouse; Chen Lanying is responsible for power cut off in the office, evacuation and order maintenance of employees ; Li Huilan and Liang Zhiqiong are responsible for medical rescue.

The exercise materials have also been prepared in advance.



At 16:30 on September 10, the fire emergency drill started on time.

After the bell sounded in the workshop, all the workers immediately stopped work and stopped the equipment in the work area urgently; the management personnel turned off the main power supply immediately; the workers, under the command of the management personnel, quickly escaped according to the designated route in an orderly manner; on-site management The personnel reported the fire to the commander-in-chief, and the commander simulated the fire alarm call.



Afterwards, everyone quickly assembled in the middle passages of the second and third workshops and arranged the teams according to the designated positions. The responsible personnel of each department were counted and the number of people reported; all the personnel were successfully evacuated within two minutes;

IMG_7960 (1)

Mr. Lu put forward several points and precautions on production safety, and then the staff demonstrated how to use fire extinguishers correctly.



Then, all the workers learned about the training methods of using fire extinguishers and conducted field observation drills.




The fire safety drill ended successfully. Everyone has benefited a lot and learned how to deal with and escape when a fire occurs.


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