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Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

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Repeated success! The 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong Division) and the 7th \"Pearl River Angel Cup\" Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition We are here!


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On the 2nd of this month, in accordance with the relevant requirements and deployment of the \"Notice of the Ministry of Science and Technology on Holding the Eighth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition\", the Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized the eighth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong Division) and the seventh \"Pearl River The semi-finals of the \"Angel Cup\" Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest Enterprise Competition will be held as scheduled in Zhongshan Shengjing Shangfeng Hotel.

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After the first few rounds of fierce Jiangmen City preliminary and semi-finals, the growth group companies that have been selected to the semi-finals of Jiangmen City are all outstanding in Jiangmen City, and their strength should not be underestimated.

Under the leadership of Fu Zhibo, general manager of Jiangmen Xiecheng Machinery Co., Ltd., our project team members went to participate in the growth group competition of the \"advanced manufacturing\" track, and used the project \"Design and Development of Bus-based Intelligent Central Feeding System\" \"Industrialization\" all the way through the barriers and successfully entered the semi-finals of the city enterprise competition.

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Although it was rainy and rainy on the semifinal day, it did not weaken the enthusiasm of the adults for this competition. In the PPT presentation and defense session, representatives of our team showed off the project with confidence, and faced the judges’ questions calmly and without stage fright.

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After the defense, Xiecheng's project won praise from the judges, and finally advanced to the Jiangmen City final based on the judges' accumulated scores.

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Achieving good results in the competition is inseparable from the concept of continuous breakthrough and innovation.

Practicing entrepreneurship, let dreams shine in this arena with unlimited light, technological innovation, and great cause. We and our adults will continue to cultivate, bring excellent products and solutions to more corporate customers, and contribute our strength to the development of advanced manufacturing!



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