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Bridge-breaking Hopper

product description

Bridge-breaking Hopper

Bridge-breaking Hopper

A Bridge-breaking hopper is an auxiliary feeding device designed specifically for injection molding machines or extruders. It solves the problem of difficult material discharge caused by bridging effects between large-sized and lightweight injected pellets. By using this device, the pellets can be forcefully pushed into the barrel, ensuring smooth material discharge.


1. Anti-bridging structure design with welded spiral blades at the tail: This design ensures smooth entry of the raw material into the barrel, overcoming bridging between the pellets.

2. Internal design with rotating shaft support structure: To ensure stable operation, the hopper is equipped with a rotating shaft support structure, providing excellent stability.

3. Detachable top accessories: The top accessories of the hopper, such as the barrel cover, reduction motor, screw, and control box, are designed to be detachable, facilitating cleaning and maintenance.

4. Equipped with an automatic stop device: The hopper is equipped with an automatic stop device that allows setting the stop time according to requirements, ranging from 0 to 30 minutes.

5. Main power switch and safety interlock protection device: To ensure operator safety and protect the machine from damage, the hopper is equipped with a main power switch and a safety interlock protection device.

6. Made of stainless steel material: The parts of the hopper that come into contact with the raw material are made of stainless steel to ensure that the material is not contaminated.

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