Xiecheng Machinery's participation in CHINAPLAS 2023 comes to a perfect end.

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The CHINAPLAS 2023 International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition came to a successful conclusion on April 20th in Shenzhen. The exhibition attracted many well-known enterprises and brands in the plastics and rubber industry to participate, showcasing the latest technologies and products, and providing a platform for the industry to showcase and exchange. Among them, as a one-stop global service provider of rubber and plastic molding automation equipment and integrated solutions, Xiecheng Machinery brought many exhibits that attracted the attention of many visitors.


Exhibition Review

This year's CHINAPLAS has repeatedly broken the record for daily visitors, with an even larger exhibition scale than before. The increasing number of attendees reflects the industry's growing confidence in economic and trade recovery. The Xiecheng booth attracted a large crowd of visitors, who stopped to watch, inquire and communicate. During the four-day exhibition, Xiecheng's communication with customers went far beyond simple product introduction. We delved deep into each customer's needs and problems, providing personalized solutions and professional technical support. This kind of in-depth communication not only enhances interaction with our customers but also provides important references and inspiration for our product development.



Featured exhibits of Xiecheng

Xiecheng Machinery showcased six product series at this exhibition: industrial chiller series, mold temperature controller series, granulating recycling series, feeding conveying series, mixing series, and drying dehumidifying series. In addition, the latest research and development, "multi-material, multi-formula solutions and IoT monitoring system," also made its debut.

Water Mould Temperature Controller
Cooled Chiller
Water Cooled Screw Chiller
Plastic Granulator-2

Plastic Granulator

Plastic Granulator-1

Mold Dehumidifiers

Among them, the "multi-material, multi-formula solutions and IoT monitoring system" was a major highlight of this exhibition. This innovative initiative by Xiecheng reflects its deep exploration of market demands. The system solution uses advanced IoT technology and big data analysis to monitor the production line's operation status in real-time. By enabling remote control and adjustment, the production line can run more intelligently and digitally. This allows for comprehensive optimization and adjustment of the production line, enhancing production efficiency and reducing production costs.

Intelligent central control system
Intelligent central control system-1

Live demonstration

At this exhibition, Xiecheng exhibited its plastic auxiliary equipment in collaboration with many well-known plastic mainframe exhibitors such as Yizhimi, Hwamda, Powerjet, Lkimm, Youzu, and Tayu. The live demonstration of Xiecheng's plastic auxiliary equipment showcased its rich application scenarios. With its excellent quality and good reputation, Xiecheng demonstrated its strength and pride at the exhibition.

Mold Dehumidifiers-1
Mold Dehumidifiers-2
Mold Dehumidifiers-3

Awarded the "Star Power" of expertise and innovation in the rubber and plastic industry.

Congratulations to Guangdong Xiecheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. for being awarded the "Specialized, Sophisticated, New" Enterprise in Guangdong Province during the new event "Star Power" of Rubber and Plastics held at the same time as this year's CHINAPLAS.


The successful conclusion of this year's CHINAPLAS exhibition once again showcased Xiecheng's leading position and strong capabilities in the industry through its high-quality intelligent machinery equipment and professional automation solutions for rubber and plastic molding workshops. Xiecheng's participation injected new momentum into the development of intelligent manufacturing in the rubber and plastic industry.

In the future, Xiecheng Machinery will continue to focus on research and development and innovation, constantly improving product quality and service levels, providing customers with more advanced and efficient automation solutions for rubber and plastic molding, and jointly promoting the development of the rubber and plastic industry. We look forward to meeting you again in Shanghai in 2024, and working together to create a smarter future.



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