Xiecheng is invited to participate in the "2023 Plastics Industry Brand Innovation Summit and Plastic Industry Brand Awards Ceremony"

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The "2023 Plastics Industry Brand Innovation Summit and Plastic Industry Brand Awards Ceremony" hosted by the Guangdong Plastics Industry Association and organized by Jufeng Plastic Media (Guangdong Plastics Association Information Center) will be held on April 14-15, 2023 at the Grand Hyatt Guangzhou in Shenzhen, Guangdong. "Xiecheng" is honored to be invited to attend this grand event.

The purpose of the conference is to pay tribute to the pioneers of the plastics industry, share the ways of success and inheritance of enterprises, promote the value of plastic industry brands, uphold the spirit of craftsmanship and excellence, spread positive energy in the plastics industry, and empower the upstream and downstream of the Chinese plastics industry to carry out industrial transformation and upgrading and the construction of the industrial ecosystem.

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Roundtable Forum

At this summit, Mr. Fu Zhibo, the General Manager of "Xiecheng", actively participated in the roundtable discussion on brand building and inheritance, bringing the attendees a collision of practical thinking. Together with other industry experts, he discussed the importance of branding in market competition and the methods of establishing brand inheritance. During the discussion, Mr. Fu also shared Xiecheng's corporate strategic positioning, the ways of brand building, and how to promote brand value and uphold the corporate mission. He hoped to work together with the attendees to promote the sustainable development of the plastics industry and achieve innovation and progress in the industry.

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Theme Sharing

In the "Advanced Technology Theme Speech" session, the General Manager of "Xiecheng" also gave a thematic sharing on the "Digital and Intelligent Factory Solutions for Plastic Molding Factories". He introduced Xiecheng's intelligent factory solutions, including IoT monitoring system, intelligent variable frequency constant pressure water supply system, energy-saving power supply system, centralized gas supply system, and fully automatic energy-saving material central feeding system, etc., providing intelligent integrated automation solutions. He pointed out that Xiecheng's solutions can help enterprises achieve digitization, automation and intelligence in the production process, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance product quality and overall factory operation efficiency.



Won the "2022 Annual Outstanding Influence Brand of Auxiliary Machinery"

In addition, at this summit, Xiecheng also won the title of "2022 Annual Outstanding Influence Brand", which is a recognition of Xiecheng's achievements and outstanding contributions in the field of automation equipment for rubber and plastic molding. Xiecheng has always been committed to providing customers with excellent products and services, and contributing to the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the rubber and plastic molding industry.

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The summit provided a platform for companies and professionals in the plastic industry to showcase and exchange ideas, promoting the development and innovation of the Chinese plastic industry. Xiecheng will continue its efforts to promote the application and popularization of automation equipment and intelligent manufacturing technology in the rubber and plastic forming industry, making greater contributions to the development and progress of the Chinese plastic industry.


  • Volumetric Doser: High-efficiency and Accurate Colorant Proportioning Equipment.

    The volumetric doser (referred to as the doser, also known as the volumetric dosing unit, plastic masterbatch doser, masterbatch metering unit, volumetric masterbatch dosing unit) is a device that enables efficient and accurate masterbatch proportioning and mixing. This equipment ensures precise rat

  • Gravimetric Blender : Factory Automated Batching System.

    Recruiting difficulties and low production efficiency have long been a challenge for many companies in the factory industry. However, with the continuous advancement of technology, modern factories can improve production efficiency and solve the problem of labor shortage by introducing automation equipment. This article will introduce the gravimetric blender (also known as gravimetric batch blender, high precision gravimetric blenders, gravimetric dosing and mixing units and micro batch dosing unit) provided by XIECHENG. This equipment can help factories address labor shortage and achieve efficient automated production, among other benefits.

  • Xiecheng Machinery at PLASTPOL 2023

    From May 23rd to 26th, 2023, the PLASTPOL Exhibition, the Plastic and Rubber Exhibition in Kielce, Poland, was grandly held at the Kielce Trade Fair Centre. This exhibition provided XIECHENG with an excellent platform to engage with industry experts and customers to explore innovative technologies and solutions. As one of the largest exhibitions dedicated to the plastics industry in Poland and Eastern Europe, the PLASTPOL Exhibition attracted exhibitors and visitors from around the world. As one of the exhibitors, XIECHENG showcased latest rubber and plastic molding auxiliary automation equipment and solutions. Throughout the exhibition, our professional team engaged in in-depth communication and exchanges with visitors from various industries. We shared our advanced technologies and expertise, gaining valuable insights into customer needs and continuously improving our products and services in line with market trends. This exhibition provided us with a valuable opportunity.

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