2020 Xiecheng Machinery Annual Summary and Commendation Conference

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Spring returned, fresh starts for everything.2021130With the approach of the Lunar New Year,Xiecheng Machinery2020The annual summary and commendation meeting was held ceremoniously. In order to strictly implement the requirements for epidemic prevention and control,Bring together all employees to participate in this annual commendation meeting within the company


Looking back on the past year, the storms of that time are vividly remembered,2020The whole country has experienced too many difficulties and challenges in the year, but when there is no storm, as the pinnacle of fearless hardship, he will eventually be able to see the moon and the moon. In this special year,Bring intoWithstood the test,Utilize years of R&D experienceIndependent research and development of new products in one week\"Air heater\"Provide equipment resources for melt blown cloth production lineIt also includes other plastic auxiliary equipmentSuch as plastic dryerMasterbatch machinePlastic mixerPlastic crusherAutomatic suction machine and other equipmentBring an adult to work overtime day and nightJust to not delay the export of anti-epidemic substancesAfter more than a monthGot good results.2020Brought to the trend and exceeded the target and achieved greater growth. Looking forward2021All adults and adults will continue to work harder, do a good job in research and development, do a good job in products, and provide a good service


(General manager's speech)


(Deputy general manager's speech)


(Speech by Deputy General Manager of Production)

- Recognize advanced Set an example --

There is a group of people, they move forward with a fighting attitude

Stick to the post, pioneer and innovate

There is a group of people who paint the background of life with hard work

Responsible and radiant

They are our role models

A pioneer on the path of high-quality development of Xinhecheng


Conference onExcellent employee of the yearAnnual personal sales champion, runner-up and runner-upBest Performance AwardExcellent Quality Team AwardAnnual High Yield Team AwardExcellent Management AwardTechnology Improvement AwardMoved to carry the awardDedication Award WinningGroups and individuals were commended.


(Annual Outstanding Employee Award)


(Dedication Award)


(Annual High Yield Team Award)


(Moving to carry the prize)


(Excellent Management Award)


(Technology Improvement Award)

Accompanied byEnthusiastic applause, The exciting lottery session has arrived. Everyone has the spirit of twelve points and stared at the lottery box closely. Amid the applause of all the people, weLucky Draw GuestsShaking the lottery box, there was a lot of laughter on the spot, and the company leaders drew out the special prize, first prize, second prize, third prize,Fourth prizeAnd award prizes to the winners.


In the past year, in the face of the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic and the complex global economic situation, we have closely focused on the operating guidelines, focusing on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and business development on the other., Created a new breakthrough in market development, stable and orderly production and operation, controllable safety production, and a harmonious and stable workforce. The operating performance reached a record high and the high-quality development embarked on a new journey.


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