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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, countries around the world have been affected, and it still affects everyone's heart. In the past two years, the international sales department of Xiecheng Machinery has not stopped its progress and strived to develop the international market. Just over a month ago, I brought an adult to respond to the company's call, ready to go abroad, and set off for the exhibition in Germany. President Xi once said, "A promising nation cannot be without heroes, and a promising country cannot be without pioneers." They are our heroes and pioneers.

Today is November 23, 2022, bringing Xiecheng Machinery to hold a grand welcome ceremony, we greeted the triumphant return of our first batch of foreign exhibitors with applause and cheers with great excitement. The management representative of Xiecheng Machinery brought flowers to her, and expressed her gratitude to her for completing the work task assigned by the company to participate in foreign exhibitions during the epidemic in a foreign country.

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She is the most beautiful retrograde. In 2022, under the global economic downturn, she will take the initiative to attack with adults and actively respond to the company's deployment. She will be at the forefront overseas on the road of rapid development of the company. With a mission, she will not be afraid of difficulties and meet challenges. . They did a great job of the company's assignment and came back with great results. They use their rich experience and the most sincere attitude to serve every overseas customer.

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Xiecheng has been deeply cultivating overseas markets. On the road of brand internationalization, it is inseparable from the efforts of Xiecheng adults. The spirit of Xiecheng has the courage to open up and never give up, so as to create the growth of Kiecheng, and continue to adhere to the pioneering market of Xiecheng overseas. Adult salute. (November 23-26, 2022, Turkey and Vietnam exhibitions will be held simultaneously)

plast eurasia 2022

Tüyap Istanbul International Exhibition Center, Hall 10, 1008A/2

xiecheng plast eurasiaxiecheng plasteurasia


Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center, Hall A, A385

vietnamplas 2022xiecheng plasteurasia


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