Why is Plastic Granulator Popular in The Market?

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     As one of the three major synthetic materials, waste plastic has brought many benefits to the development of production technology and the improvement of people's quality of life, but its disposal is a more difficult problem. Due to the large variety of plastics, the large amount of use, and the heavy workload of collection and classification, they are usually not easy to decompose in the natural environment for a long time, especially the plastic packaging and agricultural land that are discarded after use, which cause serious white pollution to the natural environment and urban landscape. , Has aroused people's general concern and anxiety.

As the consumption of plastic products continues to increase, so does the number of waste plastics. In addition, the annual consumption of plastics for automobiles in my country has reached 400,000 tons, and the annual consumption of plastics for electronic appliances and home appliances has reached more than 1 million tons. These products have become one of the important sources of waste plastics after being scrapped.

plastic granulator

Plastic Granulator Plays an Important Role in Waste Plastic Recycling

The treatment technology of plastic waste is improving year by year, and the main treatment methods currently include: incineration, landfill, degradation, and recycling. Among them, the recycling of waste plastics has been mentioned as an important position in today's waste plastic processing technology. The recycling and reuse of waste plastics has been widely adopted by today's enterprises.

For more than ten years, Xiecheng Machinery has used its own technical strength to develop a series of plastic granulator, and continuously iteratively updated and optimized to improve the efficiency of crushing and recycling.Xiecheng granulating recycling series include soundproof granulator with collect, GB series granulator, and claw type/flat type. /flake type/V type plastic crusher, high/medium/slow speed crusher, respectively, can meet the needs of crushing various waste plastics in the market. Xiecheng's plastic crusher plays an important role in the recycling of waste plastics.

Application of Plastic Granuator

Plastic granulator, also known as plastic crusher, is mainly used to crush various plastic plastics and rubbers such as plastic profiles, pipes, rods, silk threads, films, and waste rubber products. The pellets can be directly used for extruder or injection molding, or they can be recycled through basic pelletizing. Another type of plastic crusher is the peripheral equipment of the injection molding machine, which can crush and recycle the defective products and nozzle materials produced by the injection molding machine.

The plastic granulator is also used to crush waste plastics and factory plastic scraps. Plastic crushers are widely used in the recycling of waste plastics and the recycling and reuse of factory scraps.

Xiecheng's plastic granulator is a rubber and plastic enterprise, saving time, manpower, money, material, and worry, so that the use of rubber and plastic can return to the beauty of nature! Plastic crusher is an environmental protection expert who has become a brand, focusing on the recycling of rubber and plastic materials for 12 years!



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