Xiecheng Machinery 2022 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-15      Origin: Site

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In January 2023, the annual summary and commendation meeting of Jiangmen Xiecheng Machinery Co., Ltd. was successfully concluded. The strategy meeting of the management team of Xiecheng Machinery and the summary meeting of the teams of various functional departments have been held successively to jointly summarize the past and look forward to the future.

xiecheng machinery

2022 Year-end Commendation Conference

On January 14, Xiecheng Machinery's 2023 Group Worship Party and 2022 Annual Commendation Conference was held in Xiecheng Machinery's Xinhui factory area. Fu Zhibo, general manager of Xiecheng Machinery, all Xicheng employees from various functional departments and special guests attended.

At the annual meeting, Fu Zhibo, the general manager of Xiecheng Machinery, first shared the theme of "Looking up at the starry sky and keeping our feet on the ground". In the sharing, he mentioned: In 2022, we will encounter epidemics, geopolitical conflicts, macroeconomic suppression, unstable raw material prices, shrinking demand, etc. Difficult, but we have also completed many milestones. Since the end of July last year, we have moved the factory. At the end of August, the Xiecheng Xinhui factory was officially put into production, and we continued to add new production equipment to increase the output value. Since the epidemic prevention and control period in September last year, The most beautiful retrograde person who brought adults to actively participate in volunteer work, took the risk of being infected by the epidemic in October, and went retrograde to participate in overseas exhibitions. Colleagues from the international sales department completed the tasks assigned by the company; and the workshop management and brand influence were greatly improved.


At the same time, we also pointed out our shortcomings and solutions in the sharing: not only shout slogans, but also do more practical things, and focus on making products down-to-earth; the production plan and system are not perfect, set standards, scientifically formulate production plans, open and transparent systems, increase per capita output value, Increase revenue, reduce costs, and benefit customers. In terms of corporate competitiveness, market-oriented, customer demand-oriented, continuous innovation and research and development, strict attention to product details, and enhance product competitiveness.

Although there are many regrets and deficiencies in 2022, we face up to the problems and set long-term goals. We look up at the stars together and work hard together with our feet on the ground. Even if the road is far away, it will be near, and even if it is difficult, it can be done. We believe that we have the ability to do it.

The achievements of Xiecheng Machinery this year are due to the struggle and unswerving protection of all the adults with one heart and one mind, walking in the same direction. During this period, batch after batch of excellent go-getters, excellent employees, and excellent teams emerged. In order to give full play to the leading role of advanced employees, Xiecheng Machinery will hold the 2022 individual and collective commendation.

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After the commendation meeting, the employees of each department performed performances respectively. The management team of the production department sang "Good Morning, Xiecheng", which was full of love for Xiecheng; the marketing department performed the dance "Happy New Year", feeling the full screen of post-00 The youthful vitality; the storage and transportation department sang "Favorite in Life" and other programs to mobilize the atmosphere of the audience.


Finally, the year-end lucky draw brought the annual meeting to a climax. The family members of Xiecheng Machinery have their own gains, and every lucky person is happy. At the beginning of the new year, good luck continues.

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Management Team Annual Strategic Meeting

On January 7, the 2023 Xiecheng Machinery Management Team Strategic Meeting was held. During the meeting, the heads of various functional departments comprehensively reviewed the work situation in 2022, summed up the past, based on the present, and planned for the future. This meeting further clarified the direction of Xiecheng Machinery's future development strategy, business objectives, system management and other important issues, and made deployments for work objectives and tasks, providing guidance and motivation for the progress and development of the new year. 2022 is a very challenging year for the development of the country and society, but Xiecheng Machinery has also achieved some constructive results. After the Xinhui factory of Xiecheng Machinery was officially put into production, the overall management level has been significantly improved, and the brand industry influence has also made a major breakthrough. Set sail on a new journey in 2023, set sail and set off again.

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Marketing Department Annual Summary Meeting

The 2022 annual summary meeting of Xiecheng Machinery Marketing Department was held on January 12 in Xiecheng conference room. During the meeting, everyone looked back at the work performance in 2022, analyzed the deficiencies in the current work, and proposed corresponding solutions, and planned the key tasks and directions for 2023. Affected by the macro economy and the epidemic last year, various industries faced pressures such as shrinking demand and supply shocks. However, with the release of the epidemic, the society gradually returns to normal. If enterprises want to go global, they must also go global. Together with the adults, they have gathered their strengths to take the initiative to meet the challenges.

meeting 3meeting 4

Annual Summary Meeting of R&D Technology Department

At the beginning of the meeting, the person in charge of the technical department and the personnel of each technical department reported the work completion and work highlights in 2022 in turn, carefully analyzed the deficiencies and gaps in the work, and comprehensively and systematically planned the work ideas and plans for 2023. The R&D design team is the cornerstone of the core competitiveness of an enterprise, and it is also the core competitiveness of the long-term development of the enterprise. When the wind is strong and the tide is surging, it is time to set sail and break the waves;

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