Xiecheng Machinery held the first "Xiecheng Cup" table tennis tournament.

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-17      Origin: Site

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Recently, Xiecheng Machinery held its first "Xiecheng Cup" table tennis tournament. The tournament aims to enrich and enliven the cultural life of the company's employees, improve their physical fitness, and provide them with a platform to showcase their talents.

xiecheng cup

The tournament began on March 8th and lasted for nine days. During the competition, employees of the company challenged themselves and pushed their limits with high enthusiasm and passion. All the participants in the tournament were voluntary, some of whom had never played table tennis before, while others had been playing the sport for years. However, at the competition venue, everyone showcased their skills and style to the fullest, demonstrating the spirit of sportsmanship and athleticism.

Moments 1Moments 4Moments 2

In the competition, both singles and doubles events were held. Competitors overcame fatigue and pressure, challenged their limits, and showed their strengths and styles through intense competition. In the end, after fierce competition, Liu Jifa won the singles championship, with Mai Wenbiao in second place and Lü Zhao'an in third. In the doubles event, Liu Jifa and Qiu Qizhi won the championship, with Deng Zhenhao and Li Zhijie taking second place and Mai Wenbiao and Ye Weixin taking third.

Award winning singlesAward winning double

At the competition venue, the friendship and solidarity between the players were strengthened, and communication and exchange between them were enhanced through sports. The competition was not only a sports event, but also a collective display of spirit, and a vivid reflection of Xiecheng Machinery's corporate culture of "people-oriented, creating the future."

Xiecheng Machinery's organization of this competition also demonstrated its social responsibility and corporate culture construction. Through this competition, Xiecheng Machinery conveyed a healthy and positive corporate culture to its employees, while enhancing their cohesion and sense of belonging, improving their work enthusiasm and efficiency, and helping to strengthen the internal cultural construction and brand image of the company.


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