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product description

standard hopper dryer


Drying Dehumidifying Series


1. Contact parts made of stainless steel;

2. Precisely cast aluminum hull, smooth surface and good performance of maintaining tempera 

ture setting;

3. Material tank installed with side glass for inspection;

4. eInstalled with proportional deviation display thermostat, to control temperature accurately;

5. High-temperature type for 50-1500kg available, with double layer hopper tank, stainless steel heating cylinder, cooling type heater, high temperature resistance blower;


Humanized Design

1. Stainless steel hopper with window for di-rectly inspecting running;

2. Material tank installed with side glass for inspection.

New Controllers

1. Advanced microcomputer LCD dry ercontroller with timer function for 24 hours andweekly settings;

2. Optional for Rs485 communication to assist intelligent factory.

Standard Equipment

Low noise copper blower is efficiently running, supplying enough heating energy into heater

Electrical Components

Electric parts are adopted with originalworld-class brand SIEMENS.

Option Parts

Optional for hot air recycling system with better energy saving.


Model Capacity (kg) Heating Power(kw) Blower (w) Dimensions (mm) Base Size (mm) Voltage Approx. Net Weight (kg)
XC-G12KG 12 2.3 75 863x322x448x107x327x677 108x107x42.5x73.5x130x104x10 220V/2Φ 22
XC-G25KG 25 3.5 135 978x399x443x159x387x726 150x159x61.5x99x170x140x12 34
XC-G50KG 50 5 135 1153x474x543x157x462x835 158x157x74x113x199x160x12 380V/ 3Φ 45
XC-G75KG 75 6 180 1254x470x648x157x535x905 158x157x74x113x199x160x12 56
XC-G100KG 100 7 215 1320x536x648x173x602x1006 177x173x81x134x230x189.5x12 68
XC-G150KG 150 10 320 1537x525x848x173x640x1077 177x173x81x134x230x189.5x12 78
XC-G200KG 200 12 320 1725x607x933x192x747x1229 230x192x110x148.5x250x210x14 110
XC-G300KG 300 15 320 1899x656x1058x194x815x1273 230x194x119x180.3x310x255x16 150
XC-G400KG 400 18 410 1936x713x1038x205x900x1351 280x205x119x180.3x310x255x16 170
XC-G600KG 600 24 1030 2355x815x1298x245x1050x1557 280x245x135x198x320x280x16 280
XC-G800KG 800 27 2200 2625x935x1448x272x1145x1708 280x272x135x**x360x**x** 380
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