Top 3 Guidelines for Choosing a Plastic Crusher

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Plastic crushers, also known as plastic granulators, are widely used in the recycling of waste plastics and the crushing and recycling of factory scraps and substandard products, which are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. It is suitable for major industries, such as: plastic industry, electronic manufacturing, electrical appliances, lamps, auto parts, plastic recycling and other industrial applications.

Buying a suitable plastic crusher has a lot to do with the crushing effect of the crusher and the service life of the equipment.

The following selection tips will teach you how to choose the right plastic crusher for you:

top 3 guidelines for choosing a plastic crusher

1. How to choose the right knife type?

  • GY claw cutter saddle

The claw type blades are suitable for the crushing and recycling of various plastics, especially for larger of plastic head material or various types of harder plastics (such as injection lump plastics, shoe last, etc.), and the effect is better. Plastic products such as PVC\PET\ABS\PP\PE\PC\PMMA\PA\PS are recommended to use claw type plastic granulators.

  • GP flake cutter saddle

The flake type blades are suitable for crushing general plastics like sheets, tube, profiles, plates and packaging materials, and sprue materials, also runners, etc. PVC\PP\PC\PS and other plastic products are recommended to use flake type plastic granulators.

  • GD flat cutter saddle

The flat type blades are suitable for recycling of boxes, thin pipe, blow molded parts, plastic bottles, plastic shells, leftovers from nozzles and various thinner plastic products. Flat plastic crusher is recommended for PE, PET and other plastic products.

  • GV V type cutter saddle

The V type blades are suitable for the recycling of various hollow products, leather, films and other plastics.

2. How to choose the right model?

  • According to the size of the crushed product

The general crushed material can enter the crushing chamber. If it is a thick or hard defective product or a plastic head material, it is better to use a model with one or two levels of motor in combination with the output.

  • According to the size of the grinding chamber

The size of the crushed defective products or the nozzle should not be larger than the size of the grinding chamber. If it is to crush long trays or pipes, etc., it is recommended to choose a inclined plastic crusher, without cutting, and directly crushing.

  • According to production demand

The grinding capacity of plastic crushers varies according to different models. If you are a customer who needs a large amount of crushing, on the premise that the product can enter the crusher, you should select the model according to the output of the granulator. The output of ordinary plastic can be found in the specification table. When crushing mineral water bottles, plastic bags and film products, the output is only about 1/3 of the minimum value on the specification table.

  • According to application scenarios

Choose different types of crushers according to different application scenarios. For example, for centralized crushing and recycling of materials, standard plastic crushers can be selected according to the output and material characteristics; if they are directly recycled by beside-the-press crushing, you can choose beside-the-press granulators. Online plastic crusher with the extraction type can greatly reduce the labor cost, and the crusher is automatically recovered and reused.

3. How to choose the right blade material

  • 9CiSi

9CiSi is suitable for crushing ordinary plastic products.

  • Cr12MoV

Cr12MoV is a cost-effective material, suitable for hard plastic materials, plastics with fiber, and heavy plastic blocks to be crushed, with better crushing effect and longer life.

  • SKD-11

SKD-11 has better performance than Cr12MoV. Cr12MoV can be crushed, and SKD-11 can be easily completed, and the price is more expensive.


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