Xiecheng Machinery at the K-show 2022

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K 2022

With more than a month left, the world's No.1 Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber - Düsseldorf International Plastics and Rubber Expo (K 2022) will be held in Düsseldorf Germany from October 19 to 26, 2022. At that time, Xiecheng Machinery will bring a series of products to the K-show 2022 for the first time, presenting more new plastic auxiliary equipment to the audience and merchants around the world in an all-round way, demonstrating our strong independent research and development capabilities, manufacturing capabilities and professional and high-quality supporting services.

Innovation, intelligence, sustainability, recyclability, resource conservation - the hot topic of this year's K 2022, and also the hot topic of the exhibition with Xiecheng machinery. The booth Hall 8B / C11-10 of Xiecheng Machinery and other booths exhibitors with xiecheng’s auxiliary equipment, that displayed more rubber and plastic molding auxiliary automation equipment to let the audience know our latest application technology.


Product Exhibition List

In this K exhibition, Xiecheng Machinery will bring six series of products including drying dehumidifying series, industrial chiller series, mixing series, granulating recycling series, feeding and conveying series, and mold temperature control series.


dehumidifying dryer


In most plastic industry production processes, dehumidifying dryers are essential equipment for qualified plastic molding. With the rapid development of the plastics industry, in order to achieve higher production capacity, enterprises need to use a all-in-one compact dryer with a higher degree of automation. They are suitable for srying hygroscopic engineering plastics, such as PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc.

air cooled chiller

Air Cooled Chiller

Industrial chillers are used in many industries, and they are often seen in modern construction. It is the best choice for modern industries with simple operation, reasonable design and superior quality and over one hundred different models. It is to provide a cooling process in plastic molding, to plastic molding manufacturing. In addition, chillers are also used in machine cooling, pharmaceutical, laser cooling, electronic manufacturing, medical chemicals, ultrasonic cooling, printing and other industrial production.



Euro-Mixing Storage Tank

Euro-Mixing Storage Tank

The Euro mixing storage tank is a newly designed plastic raw material mixer. It is different from the ordinary color mixer and vertical blender. It also uses a spiral to generate a vortex. It can also be used with a suction gun to achieve feeding while stirring, improving production efficiency.


volumetric doser

Volumetric Doser

If you need to reduce labor costs as much as possible, you can use the XCM series volumetric doser can automatically mix 1 main material and 1-3 masterbatches or additives of plastic raw materials in proportion. It is suitable for injection molding, extrusion or blow molding production.

gravimetric blender

Gravimetric Blender

XCB series gravimetric blenders are suitable for applications that require precise mixing of various raw materials in proportion in plastic extrusion, extrusion or hollow molding processes. Adopt advanced control algorithm, self-optimization, automatic adjustment compensation and vibration prevention function to ensure the best batching accuracy. Greatly reduce manual errors and improve automated production processes.


claw type plastic granulator

Claw Type Plastic Granulator

Recyclability, sustainability, and resource conservation are one of the themes of this K 2022. Thousands of tons of plastic products are transported from plastic manufacturing plants every day, and many plastic scraps and rumps come down from machine tools. If these plastic wastes are disposed of. The high-end plastic crusher can solve the problems of various plastic manufacturing plants, and is suitable for the European CE standard production configuration, so that the plastic can be crushed and recycled, thereby greatly improving the utilization rate of resources.

Euro-Auto Loader

Euro-Auto Loader

Euro-Auto Loader is controlled by magnetic reed switch, which is sensitive in induction and stable in operation. It is widely used in plastic raw material transportation. At the same time, it can be used with the central feeding system of the whole plant to realize unmanned production in the workshop, which is more intelligent, more automatic, and more labor-saving.


Mold Temperature Controller

Mold Temperature Controller

Xiecheng mold temperature machines are commonly used in the plastics industry, which can improve the molding efficiency of products, reduce the generation of defective products, and improve the appearance of products and the defects of consistent products. At the same time, it is also used in the die-casting industry, especially in the manufacture of magnesium alloys and aluminum alloys. Improving mold life is a necessary means of increasing productivity.


Welcome to visit xiecheng booth: Hall 8B / C11-10

Find out more on the show website: K 2022


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