Happy Times, Eternal Joy: Xiecheng Gathers Together for a Joyful Celebration on Children's Day, Lighting up the Smiles of Childhood.

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Finally, the long-awaited June 1st has arrived Children's Day! Xiecheng has prepared a series of exciting activities with great care to enhance parent-child communication and strengthen emotional connections among colleagues from different departments. These activities are designed to create joyful moments for both employees' parents and their children to enjoy together.


Before the start of the event, Mr. Lu Xiaoxing, Deputy General Manager of Xiecheng Manufacturing Center, delivered a festive speech. Following that, a grand feast unfolded, with a variety of delicious food and desserts filling the tables. Children could indulge in the delights of the cuisine while savoring the taste of happiness. Laughter and joyful voices echoed throughout the venue, as every employee, parent, and child immersed themselves in the delightful atmosphere.


In addition to the delicious food, we have prepared a diverse range of games and activities. With engaging interactive games and exciting performances, the children enthusiastically participate with curiosity and passion. They immerse themselves in the games, freely expressing their childlike innocence and showcasing their talents and courage. Whether it's the "Sticky Note Challenge," the "Dance Master Challenge," and the "Balloon Battle," each segment sparks the children's enthusiasm and creativity.


Furthermore, we have prepared generous prizes to acknowledge and encourage the children's efforts and participation. Each child has received carefully prepared gifts, allowing them to feel the warmth of being cared for and valued on this special day. These prizes serve as both a reward for the children's courage and hard work and an expression of gratitude and support for the parents.


As the event progresses, the parent employees actively participated, immersing themselves in joyful moments with their children. They interacted with the kids in games, sharing laughter and happiness, showcasing the warmth and affection of their families. Such parent-child interactions not only deepened the emotional connection among family members but also fostered mutual understanding and collaboration among the employees.


On this special Children's Day, let us together illuminate the smiles of childhood and share joyful moments. Xiecheng sincerely wishes every child to maintain their innocent smiles, grow up healthy and happy, and wishes the employees' families to create more beautiful memories in a warm atmosphere. Let us all safeguard childhood and let happiness and warmth never cease to exist!


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