Volumetric Doser: High-efficiency and Accurate Colorant Proportioning Equipment.

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-05-26      Origin: Site

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The volumetric doser ( also known as the volumetric dosing unit, plastic masterbatch doser, masterbatch metering unit, volumetric masterbatch dosing unit) is a device that enables efficient and accurate masterbatch proportioning and mixing. This equipment ensures precise ratio during the production process by accurately measuring and blending masterbatch materials or additives. Additionally, it intelligently adjusts the formula and dosage to ensure consistency in product quality. The automation and precision of the volumetric doser from XIECHENG enhance production efficiency, reduce resource waste, and lower costs, providing robust support for enterprises to achieve cost savings and optimization.

1. The Importance and Challenges of Masterbatch Blending.

The Importance of Masterbatch Blending.

In the production processes such as injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding, it is often necessary to add colorants or additives to the plastic to meet the requirements of products and market demands. Masterbatch blending is the process of uniformly mixing masterbatch powder or pigments with plastic raw materials, ensuring that the products have the desired color and performance characteristics. Accurate and stable masterbatch blending is crucial for quality control of the products.

Challenges and Issues with Traditional Masterbatch Blending.

•   Inaccurate formulation control: Traditional methods of masterbatch blending often rely on manual operation, which carries the risk of human errors in formulation, resulting in inconsistent colors or unstable product performance.

•   Waste of time and resources: Manual mixing of masterbatch requires a significant amount of manpower and time, affecting production efficiency and cost control.

•   Difficulties in adjustment and optimization: Traditional masterbatch blending equipment typically lacks flexibility and adjustable performance, making it challenging to meet the demands of different products and changing market trends. Furthermore, for customized products, the blending process becomes even more complex and cumbersome.

Volumetric Doser

2.The Function and Working Principle of a Volumetric Doser.

The function of a volumetric doser.

XCM series volumetric doser from XIECHENG can automatically mix 1 main material and 1-3 masterbatches or additives of plastic raw materials in proportion. It is suitable for injection molding, extrusion or blow molding production.

The working principle of a volumetric doser.

XIECHENG's volumetric doser achieves precise blending of masterbatch or additives with base materials by accurately measuring their proportions and mixing them together using a blending base. The equipment is equipped with a measuring system, mixer, and control system, allowing for precise control of blending parameters such as mixing time, stirring speed, and temperature to achieve high accuracy and consistency in masterbatch blending. Finally, the blended finished mixture is discharged through the outlet for use in subsequent processes or packaging stages.

Volumetric Doser-1

The characteristics of a volumetric doser.

   Modular and detachable structural design enables quick replacement for screw and sleeve;

   Using the high accuracy hybrid stepping motor, measurement accuracy and wide output range;

   Motor drive directly, without gearbox, long service life, maintenance-free;

   Adopted PLC touch screen controller, the control accuracy is higher and more stable

   Capable of saving 50 recipes of formula and fast booting;

   SUS304 stainless steel screw, more durable

   The metering part can be removed from the base as a whole without material leakage. The side of the base has a window device for easy observation of the raw materials.

3. The Advantages of a Volumetric Doser.

Improving product quality.

Volumetric dosers play a crucial role in enhancing product quality. Compared to traditional manual blending methods, volumetric dosers can avoid human errors and ensure color stability and consistency in each product batch, meeting customer requirements.

Increasing production efficiency.

The automatic dosing function of volumetric dosers significantly improves production efficiency. Traditional methods of masterbatch blending are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to errors. However, volumetric dosers utilize precise measuring systems and automation technology to achieve efficient masterbatch dosing. Through accurate measurements and automated operations, it reduces dosing time and labor costs while enhancing production efficiency.

Reducing waste and costs.

Accurate masterbatch dosing can significantly reduce waste generation, thus lowering production costs. Volumetric dosers employ precise measuring systems, avoiding common weighing errors and imbalanced mixing ratios in traditional blending methods. This accurate dosing ensures color consistency in products, reducing the rate of defective items and waste production. Moreover, reducing waste generation helps conserve raw materials and resource costs, enhancing production efficiency and economic benefits, thereby achieving cost savings and optimization for businesses.

4. The Applications of a Volumetric Doser.

Applications in extrusion.

During the extrusion process, the volumetric doser allows for the accurate addition of pigments and additives into the molten plastic, ensuring the extruded products have a uniform color distribution. Extrusion machines typically have high production capacity and continuous production characteristics, and the high-precision color blending and automation control features of the volumetric doser enable it to meet the requirements of the extrusion process. Whether producing plastic pipes, films, or profiles, the volumetric doser can provide stable color matching results, meeting the needs of various industries.

Applications in blow molding.

With the volumetric doser, pigments and additives can be accurately added to the molten plastic, ensuring blow-molded products have excellent color uniformity and stable quality. Whether manufacturing bottles, cans, containers, or other hollow plastic products, the volumetric doser ensures consistent color appearance and meets the high production capacity requirements of the blow molding process. By utilizing the volumetric doser, the blow molding industry can achieve more efficient and reliable color management, enhancing product competitiveness and brand image in the market.

Applications in injection molding.

The application of volumetric dosers plays a crucial role in the injection molding process. With the volumetric doser, the proportion of pigments and additives can be accurately controlled, ensuring consistent color effects for each injection-molded product. Injection molding processes often require high-speed and efficient production, and the rapid color matching and automation control functions of the volumetric doser can meet this demand. Additionally, the consumption of pigments in the injection molding process is relatively small. Therefore, the compact design and precise dosing capabilities of volumetric dosers make them commonly used color blending equipment in the injection molding industry.

Volumetric Doser-2

The XIECHENG volumetric doser, as an efficient and accurate masterbatch blending equipment, plays a significant role in achieving cost savings and improving product quality for businesses. By adopting the volumetric doser, companies can enhance production efficiency, reduce resource waste, lower costs, and meet diverse market demands, thereby improving competitiveness. With the continuous advancement of technology, it is believed that volumetric dosers will continue to innovate and improve in future developments, bringing greater convenience and contributions to various industries' production processes.


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