Warmly welcome the visit of Mayor Luo Zhengliang and his delegation from Qingshanqiao Town, Xiangtan County, Hunan Province, to Xiecheng for guidance and inspection.

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Today, on June 10th, Mayor Luo Zhengliang from Qingshanqiao Town, Xiangtan County, Hunan Province, visited and conducted research at Guangdong Xiecheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.'s new factory in Xinhui, Guangdong. He was warmly received by Chairman Fu Zhibo of Xiecheng. Accompanying the visit were Chen Huixiong, a representative of the Xiangtan City People's Congress, Yang Zhiguang, Secretary of the First Branch of Gaoshan Village, Secretary Fu Shunbin, Deputy Secretary He Yunlian, Director Huang Zhihong of the Women's Federation, Zhao Yuanxia, a party committee member, and Fu Jianglin.


During the visit and research, Mayor Luo Zhengliang and his delegation had a detailed understanding of Xiecheng's development process, technological innovation, and product applications. As a global provider of one-stop solutions for rubber and plastic molding automation equipment, Xiecheng's General Manager, Fu Zhibo, introduced the company's development philosophy and achievements, with a particular emphasis on its leading position in the field of rubber and plastic molding automation. Mayor Luo Zhengliang highly praised Xiecheng's outstanding performance in technological innovation and market competition, and encouraged the company to further enhance its innovation efforts and make greater contributions to the local economic development.


Subsequently, Mayor Luo Zhengliang and his delegation held a discussion and exchange with the General Manager of Xiecheng. They had in-depth discussions and explorations on local economic development, industrial transformation and upgrading, and enterprise management. General Manager Fu Zhibo of Xiecheng expressed that in recent years, the impact of the pandemic and the continued sluggishness of the market economy after the pandemic have intensified competition among enterprises, and the market economy is facing multiple difficulties. It requires transformation, upgrading, and continuous improvement of the core competitiveness of enterprises. Mayor Luo Zhengliang fully recognized the positive role that Xiecheng plays in local economic development and praised it as a good example for local enterprises.


This research activity not only deepened the interaction and cooperation between Xiecheng and the Qingshanqiao Town government in Xiangtan County, Hunan Province but also provided Mayor Luo Zhengliang and his delegation with an opportunity to comprehensively understand the development of local enterprises. It also promoted cultural exchanges and economic cooperation between different regions. Xiecheng will continue to enhance its technical strength and innovation capabilities, striving to become a popular Chinese brand in the global rubber and plastic molding industry.



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