Xiecheng's 2024 Domestic Sales Annual Conference: United in Heart, Achieving Success Together

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2024-01-20      Origin: Site

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Xiecheng 2024

On January 20th, the Xiecheng 2024 Domestic Sales Annual Conference, themed "United in Heart, Gathering for Success," was successfully held in Jiangmen, Kaiping. Xiecheng's General Manager, Mr. Fu Zhibo, Director of Marketing, Ms. Tan Yinxiang, Deputy General Manager of Manufacturing Center, Mr. Lu Xiaoxing, and their department heads gathered with sales elites from across the country to review the marketing achievements of 2023 and plan the path forward for 2024. They aimed to open a new chapter of cooperation and jointly outline a new blueprint.

Xiecheng 2024

"Leading the Trend, Igniting the Future"

At the beginning of the conference, Liang Zhiqiong, the Manager of Xiecheng's Domestic Sales Department, delivered a speech, extending sincere greetings to sales elites from all over the country. During the conference, Mr. Fu Zhibo, Xiecheng's General Manager, gave a keynote speech on the theme of "Following the trend and creating momentum." He emphasized the gratifying achievements of Xiecheng in 2023, with the brand's influence continuously rising. Significant breakthroughs were made in products, technology, quality, and service, gaining recognition from the market and customers. Looking into the challenging yet opportunistic future, Mr. Fu stressed the importance of innovation, quality enhancement, clear goals, and collective efforts for future success.

"Cultivating Channels, Planning for the Future"

In the annual summary and planning by the Marketing Department, Ms. Tan Yinxiang, Director of the Marketing Department, acknowledged the achievements of 2023 and proposed innovative sales strategies and channel expansion plans. She also announced the sales goals for the new year, expressing the commitment to enhance team cohesion and actively embrace new challenges and opportunities for outstanding sales performance.

"Crafting Excellence, Creating a Winning Future"

During the production work report, Mr. Lu Xiaoxing, Deputy General Manager of the Manufacturing Center, emphasized the critical aspects of technological innovation, production efficiency, and product quality. The focus was on research and development, quality control, and production capacity improvement.

The head of the Research and Development Technology Department provided a detailed report on innovative upgrades, introducing several new products, including the membrane-type variable frequency screw chiller unit, metering-type multi-material ratio mixer, weighing-type masterbatch machine, and optical-grade small dehumidifier.

The Quality and After-sales departments proposed a series of quality control mechanisms and after-sales service management solutions in response to the constantly changing market demands. With Xiecheng's emphasis on research and development, intelligent manufacturing, and quality control, the company is committed to technological innovation and development, improving product quality, and building a positive brand reputation.

Before the conference, led by Mr. Lu Xiaoxing, the Deputy General Manager of the Manufacturing Center, participants toured Xiecheng's product production process, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship. Detailed introductions and product training were provided for Xiecheng's latest products, allowing sales elites to deepen their understanding of the company's innovation and product competitive advantages through on-site interaction.

"Wisdom for a Shared Future"

Reflecting on the challenges and progress of 2023 and looking forward to the promising future of 2024, major responsible persons from Xiecheng's sales regions shared important experiences and annual summaries regarding product marketing, channel development, and project conclusions at the domestic sales annual conference. They also outlined plans for the sales work in 2024.

"Annual Recognition"

To commend outstanding contributions in sales performance over the past year, the conference featured the "Sales Performance Champion Award." A lottery event was also organized to encourage collaborative efforts and mutual benefits.

In the coming year, Xiecheng will continue to uphold the business philosophy of integrity, quality, innovation, and mutual success. The company will relentlessly pursue innovative development, cooperate with partners, and jointly create a more brilliant future. The collective efforts aim to establish Xiecheng as a well-known Chinese brand in the global plastics and rubber molding industry.


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