Gravimetric Blender : Factory Automated Batching System.

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Recruiting difficulties and low production efficiency have long been a challenge for many companies in the factory industry. However, with the continuous advancement of technology, modern factories can improve production efficiency and solve the problem of labor shortage by introducing automation equipment. This article will introduce the gravimetric blender (also known as gravimetric batch blender, high precision gravimetric blenders, gravimetric dosing and mixing units and micro batch dosing unit) provided by XIECHENG. This equipment can help factories address labor shortage and achieve efficient automated production, among other benefits.

1. The Working Principle and Applicable Scenarios of a Gravimetric Blender.

The working principle of a gravimetric blender.

Machine starts working and dosing  valve opens  to release material by setting values.If controller detects the discharging quantity reached setting value, dosing valve closes up.If discharging quantity stays  within allowed error range, machine will discharge next material. When all the material dosing completes, scale valve opens to release materials into the mixing tank. Mixer motor starts to mix. Mixing time can be settled by controller. Mixture will be discharged to the storage tank and ready for injection.

Working Principle

The applicable scenarios for a gravimetric blender.

The XIECHENG gravimetric blender is suitable for various production processes that require multiple raw materials in precise proportionate mixing, such as plastic extrusion, hollow forming (e.g., blow molding, bottle blowing, film blowing), and other applications.

The characteristics of a gravimetric blender.

   Modular and detachable structure design, saving space and easy to clean;

   Using PLC controller, the control accuracy is higher, more stable, and easy to maintain;

   Adopt advanced control algorithm, self-optimization, automatic adjustment compensation and vibration prevention functions to ensure the best batching accuracy;

   The standard model can handle 4 components, models with more than 6 components can be customized;

   Color graphic display, touch screen operation, multiple languages for selection;

   With formula saving function for more than 100 formulas;

   Classified security password control and alarm history record function;

   USB2.0 interface for saving recipe data to flash disk, facilitate the quality management;

   With sound and light alarm, the operator can quickly reach the faulty site;

   All raw material contact parts are made by stainless steel, prevent the materials being polluted;

   Optional for machine mounted or stand frame installation (including pneumatic discharge valve).

2. The Key Technologies and Applications of a Gravimetric Blender.

Adopt advanced control algorithms.

Advanced control algorithms play a crucial role in the automated batching process. The following are the functionalities of this advanced control algorithm:

•   Self-optimization: This advanced control algorithm has the capability of autonomous optimization. By continuously monitoring and analyzing data during the batching process, it automatically adjusts control parameters to achieve the best batching accuracy and efficiency.

•   Automatic adjustment compensation: This algorithm can automatically calibrate and compensate for the batching process. It adjusts the process in a timely manner based on different process conditions and environmental changes, ensuring stable batching results.

•   Vibration prevention function: This advanced control algorithm is equipped with a vibration prevention function. Through intelligent control and feedback mechanisms, it suppresses or eliminates vibrations during the batching process, ensuring precise batching operations.

Using PLC controller.

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is an electronic device specifically designed for industrial automation control. When it comes to automated and efficient batching, utilizing a PLC controller offers the following advantages:

•   The control accuracy is higher: The PLC controller achieves precise control of the batching system through accurate calculations and control logic, ensuring the required accuracy and stability during the batching process.

•   More stable: PLC controllers exhibit high stability, allowing for extended periods of operation without easily experiencing malfunctions. This ensures the continuity and stability of the batching process.

•   Easy to maintain: PLC controllers are relatively easy to maintain, with straightforward fault diagnosis and repair procedures. This reduces downtime and enhances production efficiency.

PLC Controller

3. The Advantages of a Gravimetric Blender.

Addressing the labor shortage issue.

The factory can reduce dependence on human resources by implementing an automated gravimetric blender, thereby solving the problem of labor shortage and improving production efficiency.

Increasing production efficiency and reducing costs.

The gravimetric blender an automated control system that enables precise measurement of raw materials and facilitates a fast and accurate batching process. This not only enhances production efficiency but also reduces errors in manual batching, minimizes material wastage, and consequently lowers production costs.

Ensuring the stability of product quality.

An accurate batching process ensures consistent ingredient proportions for each batch of products, avoiding the impact of human factors on product quality. Stable product quality enhances customer satisfaction and strengthens brand reputation.

4. Achieving Integrated Application of Factory Automation.

Integrating application with automation equipment.

As a crucial batching equipment, the gravimetric blender can seamlessly integrate and collaborate with other automated devices, enhancing production efficiency. By connecting with other equipment such as material suction machines, injection molding machines, etc., it enables a continuous production process for automated devices. This integration not only saves human resources but also reduces potential errors and delays that may occur in traditional manual operations.

Gravimetric Blender-1

Integrating application with a centralized feeding system.

The combination of the gravimetric blender and a centralized feeding system enables the automated management of batching throughout the entire factory. The centralized feeding system, which serves as a centralized control and supply system for raw materials, works in coordination with the gravimetric blender to ensure timely and accurate delivery of the required materials to the mixer. By integrating with the centralized feeding system, the gravimetric blender facilitates automated raw material supply and batching processes, thereby improving efficiency and reducing the risks and inconsistencies associated with manual operations. This integrated application also provides better data traceability, facilitating quality control and process optimization.



The XIECHENG gravimetric blender, as an integral part of the factory's automated batching system, can help address challenges such as labor shortage and achieve efficient automation in production. Through precise batching processes and advanced control algorithms, factories can improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure product quality stability. By combining the use of other automated equipment and a centralized feeding system, factories can achieve overall automation in production, thereby enhancing competitiveness.


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